Sunday DC 'Public Talk'......Bible Prophecy and Nazis!

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  • yknot

    "How can you draw close to God?"

    THANKS TO THE POSTER WHO WISHES TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS FOR ALLOWING ME TO POST THIS TALK! I look forward to the day when you can proudly say 'I DID THIS!' !!!!

    This talk gets a bit 'choppy'.......the delivery isn't as smooth as other talks.

    God, creation, Bible from God, Bible Accuracy, Bible Prophecy (NAZIS), You need to get out there and preaching!..........all covered in this talk!

    Oh I get the reason WHY the foray into the Nazis is done....... (estate donations)

    The WTS continues 'playing the odds' that YOU will never bother to actually look up the references given....... you will just trust them.

    If you are only interested in the NAZI stuff (3minutes or so) fast forward to the 20 minute mark......BUT WAIT !!!!! BEFORE YOU LISTEN!!!! take the time to get out your CD or 1974 YB..... read the account 'Part 3- Germany'...... ask yourself what was the 'light' then compared to 'now'.... discern fully the word 'fanatical'!......why was this trait so much appreciated by Himmler..... Dedication to Jah or an excellent play in the art of control?

    If you would like to here the rest lets talk about it too!!!

    We have 'scientist' who 'know' and have 'come to the conclusion'........

    There is Bible is accurate because the Bible says so and other traditional commentary.

    ......just go ahead and listen to it already.....

    Analyze, break it down, chew on it and spit it out your thoughts, feelings, and opinions!

  • bohm

    the bible is from god because it says so.

    science allways support the bible


    i only skimmed the text, but didnt find anything about the prophecy the speaker talked about. What in the YB do you refer to?

  • wannabefree

    You really analyze this stuff.

  • bohm

    i want to bump this up. its an interesting speech from many perspectives. What struck me the most was the way the speaker felt that since the bible said it was from God, that was clear evidence it actually was. I know you all have heard it before, but the speaker went on and on about it - i really think he didnt understand the problem with such an argument! (one wonder if he is very stupid or very brainwashed).

    Secondly, the main claim that the JW made a PROPHECY that the 3rd Reich would fall. They dont give a source for that claim, and i think it would be very interesting to know when it was made. On JWFacts i can remember reading the king of the north was at some point believed to be Nazi germany, and i wonder when the change in prophetic application was made - if it was 1938-ca.1941, it was quite a good (/lucky...) observation, later and i think they was just going with the popular oppinion, ie. that Nazi germany would loose, and that is now being dressed up as a prophecy.



    A personal thankyou to the poster who recorded this.

  • booby

    Brother L├╝bke gave him a thorough witness, but oops, he didn't take the truth. No, Himmler turned away without a word, and shortly thereafter poisoned himself. Not to persuasive, that brother Lubke

  • hamsterbait

    It was obvious to anybody that Germany would lose the War.

    They were surrounde, did not have a consensus government that could override stupid orders. They also wanted to fight Russia. they only got as far as they did because of bad communications and ill-advised command decisions in the west.


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