RAY FRANZ'S - Commentary Press PLEASE read.

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  • onemore

    I was contacted by a friend who was working with Franz in corresponding to e-mails and letters from JW and ex-JW from Spanish speaking countries.

    He informed me that R. Franz was interest in a project to have the 2 nd edition the CofC edited in Spanish for sale at a price more affordable to people living in Latin America.

    In the event that our beloved Ray doesn’t make out of this; does anyone know who will take control of Commentary Press or his two books?

    He will live behind a strong legacy and his work most go on, especially at this crucial time in the history of the Watch Tower/JW.


  • JeffT

    So far as I know Ray has no ownership in Commentary Press, it is a regular Christian publishing house. Unless his will makes some other provision for it, I assume tht Cynthia would retain control of the books.

  • asilentone

    I think Tom Cabeen is involved with Commentary Press, I read it somewhere.

  • asilentone

    I am not sure who will be in charge of Commentary Press after he dies.

  • blondie

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