thankyou all who have shown support to me and goodbye for now x

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  • looloo

    i first came on this site around the time we were waiting the my daughters abuser to face justice in crown court , we got no justice (due to lack of evidence) but his other victims had a very small section of the abuse they suffered legally recognised , due to a deal being done with the defence , so we waited 20 months to give evidence just to be dropped at the last minute for a "deal" my by now ex best friend decided to stand by the child rapist !as did some of his family despite him being a disfellowshipped person (he was not disfellowshipped for child abuse ) and they are all jws ! isold my house and left the town i once loved as i couldnt bare to be in the same town as him when he left prison (he did 18 months of a 3 year sentence ) and see his supportive family knocking on doors taliking of truth made me feel like screaming at them "what about my poor girl , wheres your support for her , you hypocrites "my daughter is still very much affected by what happened to her age 13 , sexual, physical and mental abuse over months and months . she is now 22 . but i also have a 6 year old girl who was only 20 months old when i found out and rEported the abuse to the police , and the long process started , for the next 20 moths i could think of nothing but giving evidence in court and trying to support my girl who was also terrified of that , my little one was 3 and a half when he was sentenced and i looked back and realised i had hardley taken any notice of her since i found out about my other girls abuse , i had missed out on so much of her best times , learning new words etc , i was too preoccupied . once i moved she was 4 and a half and i found out a lot more of my older daughters abuse that she had still wanted to protect me from , i was horrified and went for counselling , then i started a new job in july last year which really helped and is a distraction , now the man who abused my girl is only in my head 50 percent of the time instead of nearly 99 per cent , i have recently been to a few funerals and someone gave me some advice about "moving on" and "letting go " as im only hurting myself being bitter , i should try to pity the people who support the abuser as they are the foolish ones , not me !, idid the right thing , they did not ! they are still being fooled by him , i am not ! i have an advantage over them , i know the truth (the real "truth" ) they do not ! my 6 year old is such a joy to me and i dont want her saying to me anymore "mummy why dont you listen to me " when i am so distracted with my bitterness . i want to savour every moment from now on with her and enjoy her while she is still at such a lovely age to be and innocent to all that is bad in the world ! i have also told my disfellowshipped husband to do the same regarding his parents , who dont come to visit him or their beautifull grandaughter who talks of loving god , and jesus and how wonderfull god is etc (she goes to a church of england school ) im glad she does nt talk of doom , gloom and armageddon etc .... i just want to at least try and "move on" and i also want to thank everyone on here who has shown support to me , there arE far to many to mention but you will know who you are , a few kind words from strangers has meant so much when the "real life " friends i had in the congregation once were nowhere to be seen ! i have since found many true friendships and i now want to pity all those people i used to think were my "friends " i will lurk occasionally but im now going to enjoy the summer with my little girl , and we will be going to the beach on friday in my old hometown with my older girl and we will have fun , and if we bump into any witnesses , i will let them know how happy we are now , i often get the "i feel so sorry for you look " off some of them but im not sure if thats because i left the religion or because of what happened to my daughter ! who cares anyway , goodbye for now everyone and thanks for your support and kind words and for teaching me that a lot of people do care , despite what the jws treated me like (most of them ) love to you all and best wishes for the future xxxx love loo loo xxx

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Thank you for spending some time with us.

    I wish you all all the best for your futures.

    Enjoy your summer. We are getting our first blast of winter here in NZ, so I am jealous.

    (((((Loo Loo)))))



  • zzaphod

    All the best for you and your family`s future. I hope that your future is a happy one, and you and your family find peace and love.

    It has been an awful experience for you all, and although you don`t appear to have found justice, your future is in your hands, and I`m sure you and your family will find happiness.

    I`m sure you know that you will always find support here.

    All the Best

    Paul UK

  • chickpea

    brilliant outlook, to claim your future in the here and now!

    my two eldest children know what it means to have
    been assaulted as chidlren, as do i...

    recovery is more than possible, so the prospects
    for your daughter are hopeful

    godspeed! enjoy the hell out of your summer!


  • nelly136

    wish you and your daughters lots of sun and laughter, and don't forget to squeeze in a little bit of you time too

  • stillconcerned

    Happy summer Loo!

  • truthseekeriam

    Okay your post made me cry!! We have so much in common aside from our child's molester being sent to prison for most likely the rest of his life.

    I can so understand your grief and the struggle to move on..I'm still fighting to do it myself.

    I wish you all the best and hope your up to 75% by the end of summer.

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