The GB's next "Generation" change

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    I see all the outrage about the "generation" change, but these changes have been going on all the time. The gullible swallowed it before, so the GB probably reckoned they will lose only the weak ones anyway.

    I have not read their excuse for the current position, so I can only go by the few comments I have read. From those comments, I think the GB have either mismanaged the change or this is yet one more step in a long saga.

    If I were the GB, my argument would have gone like this:

    (1) Jehovah God anointed Rutherford and his crew in 1919.

    (2) When Rutherford died, the mantle passed on to his successors, just like the Apostolic Succession claimed by the Popes of the RC Church.

    (3) Therefore the "generation" refers to this continuing passing on of the baton to the successive members of the GB.

    (4) In turn, since the Governing Body represents the earthly FDS, this means that the members of the FDS (the Anointed who are on earth), share in the GB's "Apostolic Succession".

    Maybe I should copyright my reasoning so they can't use it next time they need to make the change.


  • wobble

    Dear Doug,

    I doubt they had the sense to debate this option, although I can see they might not favour it as it extends the "Time of the end" or "Last Days" into the future as far as they like, and thus it would be an even harder job to keep the urgency going, and the money flowing in.

    I notice you use their expression of "weak" ones, I know you don't think of ones who leave like that, you are only giving us the GB's callous view, but the truth is it does take a certain strength to walk away.

    I think you should protect your idea legally, ASAP !!!!

    They will have to use it a little before 2014 I reckon.

    Kind regards,


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    You are right Doug...

    any who leave over it will simply be the spiritualy weak ones... so lets go witnessing...

    when in reallity they are likely the strongest and still have the lights switched on.


  • designs


    The Society has simply gone full circle back to the solution that the Bible Students had to come up with in 1919 when things didn't turn out as they had expected. The Bible Students essentialy made Armageddon and Last Days synonymous terms and the Society has done the same with the Last Days and Generation.

    Hey maybe they'll merge back together. The Bible Students have wanted to reoccupy 124 Columbia Hgts for a long time. Oh wait didn't the Society just sell it off.

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