Theocracy Is Alive And Well In The US

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  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live under a theocracy. This article and upcoming Nightline interview will give us a clue.

  • never a jw
    never a jw
    Allegedly the greatest power on earth, the U.S. still has a population majority that is controlled by superstition. The power of myth is much greater than the power of reality. Only in America
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    never a jw, "Only in America"

    I would not say only in America, the Muslim states make that obvious, but it's just the harbinger of things to come. As the article mentioned, they have a religious police, the "God squad", just like ISIS and Saudi Arabia have.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Theocracies have religious police...what a joy that would would be...

    Why is it that US citizens are still so wedded to religion? Why still wedded to myth, mysticism and hope instead of reality?

  • zed revisited
    zed revisited

    Young man, this has been dealt with many time in the past..

    I would love to share with you what I have learned.

    The best way is to let you start the search yourself.

    I hope you find it, and totally wrap yourself in total freedom.


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