An Ongoing Conversation With Mindchild

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  • Celtic

    Mindchild, lets share here for awhile, from which point shall we share our conversation?



  • ladonna


    Are we all invited? To share, I mean??


    Manners require time, and nothing is more vulgar than haste.
    —Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Mindchild

    Hi Celtic,

    Well this was a surprise. lol

    What's up?

    Hi Ana...join the party


  • Celtic

    In the maze of communication, I just thought we might use this little oasis island for some communicative sharing of ideas about those subject matters that drive our neurological circuits and intents.

    I'd like to invite Mommiedark in too and progress to Environmental Design at the earliest opportunity, but really dont mind from where we shapeshift the rest of our written sharing ....

  • Mindchild

    Hey Celtic...well that sounds cool. But first, here is a little story that just popped in my organ of thought and neural coordination...

    Once upon a time…

    There was a ordinary man, standing on an ordinary street, waiting for an ordinary bus, to get to his ordinary job. Somewhere in this story along comes a Jehovah’s Witness. The Jehovah’s Witness says to the ordinary man “I know something that will make you special. It will change your whole life. You will be one of the most important people on earth.”

    Well the ordinary man thought about this a moment, and then he asked the Jehovah’s Witness well what do I need to do to have this special life? The Jehovah’s Witness says to the ordinary man, “any moment now there is going to be a Watchtower Tiger come along here and when it does, all you need to do is grab on to it’s tail and it will give you the ride of your life.”

    As soon as he spoke these words, along came the Watchtower Tiger and the ordinary man leapt as it went by, grabbing on to its tail and pulling the ordinary man out of his ordinary life.

    For awhile, the former ordinary man was enjoying this thrilling ride but every once in awhile, the Tiger would turn on him and scratch him or bite him. Still, the former ordinary man was afraid to let go now of the Tiger’s tail but one day he happened to rush by an apostate standing on the street.

    The apostate tells him that he is in a dangerous situation and that before long, the Watchtower Tiger is going to turn on him and eat him up like a bunch of chopped liver. Now the former ordinary man is thinking about this but explains he is afraid to let go because if he does, the Watchtower Tiger will eat him.

    The apostate yells back, here take this book and read it but just as the man grabs the book and begins to read it, his grip on the tiger’s tail slips and the tiger turns on him and eats him up.

    Damn…it doesn’t have a happy ending does it?


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