The Four Spiritualities

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  • wonderwoman77

    Hey I actually decided to go to a UU church service today. I enjoyed it very much. They had a guest speaker from a university discussing personality types and how they relate to your spiritual journey. So here are the way you pick them and then I will explain what each path means
    Pick one of the two from each group...

    Sensing (S): People who prefer Sensing base their perceptions on what is present here and now. They are realistic, practical, observing facts directly, step by step, with common sense.

    Intution (N): People who prefer Intution base their perception on the possibilities in situations, patterns, hunches, imagination.


    Thinking (T): People who prefer Thinking base their decisions on objective, impersonal, analyictical, purposive, pricipaled logic. Striving to discern cause and effect relationships, they aim for clarity, fairness, firmness, and truth.

    Feeling (F): People who prefer Feeling base their decisions on subjective, people-centered values. They aim for harmony, mutual appreciation, trust, tact, persuasion, and humane sympathy.

    If you are an NT (which I think I am) You are on a journey of unity, seeking clarity among justice and wisdom.

    If you are a NF you are on a journey of harmony and like to experiement. This would be my second closest one to myself.

    If you are SF, you are on a journey of devotion and enjoy rituals. This is least like me.

    If you are ST you are on a journey of works and love responsiblity.

    Well I just thought I would share this. I thought it was interesting...What type are you?

  • Shimmer


    Very interesting. According to what I picked it says I am a SF. But I don't feel like an SF, I feel more like a NF. Oh well!!


    No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.
    -------Helen Keller

  • wonderwoman77

    Thanks for replying shimmer...and by the way I love your pic of alanis...she is a goddess...

  • ladonna

    Good post!!

    By what you have posted I am an NF, but I think their is also a touch of ST.



    Manners require time, and nothing is more vulgar than haste.
    —Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • wonderwoman77

    ladonna...I agree. I think I have a touch of both ST and NF, but I fully an NT. I am farthest from a SF. by the way combining your S and N and you F and T to be in suppose to be a goal according to Jung theory

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