James and Back To Square One Of JW Theology

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    James said in this topic http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=19142&site=3

    So for me it takes me back to square one -- we all bought into the most important Compondent that made the whole "System" Work and work like a charm and that is:

    We all sincerely believed that they spoke for god and we didn't want to get god pissed off for not listening to his Boys:

    I touched on that with my comment previously http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.asp?id=18703&site=3

    yes, 1, I agree with you that although Malcolm's posts are a crude extreme example, they do reflect an underlying mindset to exclusive path to salvation in the clips you quoted:
    "boat to Armageddon"; "Israelites all over again in the wilderness";"cry and moan against Jehovah"; "David,Moses,others"...all this points DIRECTLY to teachings the WTS uses to clamp down on any murmuring as rebellion of the same calibre as the OT examples of murmuring against Jehovah and his govt arrangements...However there is a huge difference between those examples and the situation today in the WTS. In order to be at par with the OT, Jehovah would clearly have means of choosing his reps like Moses, etc. through miracles and divine means of choosing, for example.

    Since apologists attempted to hijack our respective threads, I've reposted them here to show the similarity of a recurring theme here when dealing with past issues we may have about the WTS and the genesis of our mindsets at the time we became submissive to the rule of this organization. We need to study this further; as James points out, it's square one of why most of us are here and have challenged and subsequently drifted away/left the WTS.

    Is this or is this not a cornerstone of all JW theology? Prove it right or prove it wrong.

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