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  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    I've discovered a bunch of old WT books that I had in boxes. These books go back a ways. I found Truth Books, Your word is a lamp..", The Paradise book, and many others.

    I was just wondering, what have you all done with your old WT books? For some reason, I just can't bring myself to throw them away.

  • AlanF

    Don't throw them away. You can try to sell them on ebay or get in touch with various dealers of collectible WTS stuff. Email me if you want more details.


  • individuals wife
    individuals wife

    Kept a few, had a hearty bonfire with the rest... felt very satisfying. Although now, looking back, I wish I had kept them, they are handy for referencing, the CD Roms are OK but they lack the illustrations.

    I was tempted to dump them all outside the KH door but then they may have been recycled back into the ministry and I wouldnt have wanted to be responsible for that... ditto with charity shops.

    No, I suggest keeping them as a reminder or for referencing or shred them.

  • Ivor Hope
    Ivor Hope

    It was reading some of thses old books that convinced me about the true roots and nature of the WTS.

    I've scanned a few pages and put them on my web site...espially from "Millions Now Living WILL Never Die" (Ever noticed the Society mis-quote this title as "Milliions now living MAY never die"?)


  • AlanF

    Yeah, Ivor, the Millions book was goofy, to say the least.

    A point of clarification: the original talk on which the book was based was given in 1918 and used "may die". Apparently there was a lot of positive response, and the Society soon changed it to "will die", probably to make it more definite. That's more or less how the 1975 nonsense got going, with a few iffy statements snowballing into near certainty. All of which serves the Society's purpose of making converts by any means.


  • David Gladden
    David Gladden

    I put all of mine in my bath and soaked them for a few days... then threw them out.

  • hungry4life

    Don't destroy them. that was my first thought too. But I then realized that it was important to hang on to the oled original stuff before they go back and white wash over all the idiotic things they said in the past (using the new light excuse). I have kids and my ex in laws ever try to suck them into the Borg I will use my old books to show them the truth about the trooth. When I first became a JW my dad used to tell me about how they had prophesied that man would never land on the moon because Jehovah would not allow it. I researched on the CD rom and new editions of old boound volumes and couldn't find this information anywhere. It wasn't until an elderly sister died and left me her old bound volumes that I accidentaly located these articles regarding space travel.

    I keep mine in storage in boxes (not on the bookshelf) but will continue to hold onto them. If you don't want them donate or sell them. But please don't destroy them, many times they are the only thing those still in the Borg will listen too.

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