Global Stop on all Kingdom Hall Building Work!

by Ivor Hope 8 Replies latest jw friends

  • Ivor Hope
    Ivor Hope

    I have heard today from 2 different sources that the WTS has announced a global stop on all building work. Kingdom Halls already being built are having the work on them stopped.

    Has anybody else heard this?

    If it is true, what could be the reason. The only thing I can think of is the fact that they laon individual congregations money to build halls and then charge interest on it (interest on money freely donated for the express purpose of building new halls!). Any such loans have to be repaid with interest, which then becomes another taxable source of income to the Society. Maybe they don't want to pay the tax on it - again!!

    I would love to know if anyone else has heard.

  • Nowfree

    I have heard that they proposed move of the UK headquarters to Milton Keynes has been stopped.

    Not heard anything about Kingdom Halls though.

    Sounds promising!!!


  • flower

    Well it would have to have happened very recently because my dad is on the building committee and recently recieved a letter about a new building project that he has to help on.

  • anglise

    Our local cong has been sharing a hall for about 2 years having been compulsory purchased by a utility company.
    They have had a proposed site for a new hall for about the same length of time and nothing seems to be moving with it.
    The utility company is still paying for the congs expenses at the shared hall and for taxi fares for those who now have to travel to this hall!!
    Has always sounded like a bit of a scam to me.
    Maybe others know more.

  • rhett

    What a friggin scam with the utility company! I wouldn't build a new hall either!

    I don't need to fight
    To prove I'm right
    I don't need to be forgiven.

  • Satanus

    What i used to find funny, is how they made a big to do of dedicating a new kh to jehovah, then 5 or 10 yrs down the road, they would sell it out from under his nose. In one case, edmonton jasper place, it was sold to sikhs. The kh became their temple. I wonder how jehovah felt about that.


  • freeborg


    I have heard a similar rumour from a number of JW's in the North West of England.

  • Patriot

    How yoo doin' Ivor,

    How about telling us what your 2 sources are?

    That might help some of us who are more aware of ongoing WT proposals to look into that calim and check its validity.


  • buffalosrfree

    No more KHs to be built. That must signify the end is near or some such BS. I,m sure the society will put some such Clintonesque spin to it. Buff

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