fruit haulers

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  • rekless

    the WatchTower Bible Tract Society of Florida,Inc. is a certified Citrus Fruit Shipper for Florida orange growers.

    Now this is not illegal at all but does the average rank and file know this, They were inc. in 1986 I was active at that time, there was never any mention of this activity to my knowledge.

    This is what gets in the world can the WTBTS do things like this and nobody ever finds out about it through the society.

    Please clue me in!!!.

  • more2C

    They probably acquired the property through a publisher's will or something. I wonder if they use migrant worker's to pick the oranges, or not.


  • more2C

    Now that I think about it, someone here posted a list of property which the Society owns, nationwide. Maybe, someone could find it for you.


  • ZazuWitts

    I recall seeing a post about this, too.

    What I'm somewhat curious about is whether they just supply citrus fruits to Bethel, Patterson, the Farm, or other WTBTS operations, or do they market wholesale/retail to 'wordly' buyers.

  • rekless

    They are on a list for shipping fruit for Florida, it has nothing to do with owning property there...they own a trucking company that hauls fruit from Forida through out the USA.

    My fiancee told me that her church had fruit diliveries from a trucking co called the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.

    Search WTBTS,of Florida, INC.they appear on a trucking Co. list.

  • belbab

    Don't they ship out litature and magazines with their own trucks. It could be that they are bringing back fruit on what is called a back-haul. If they are doing this hauling for other commercial businesses, they maybe liable for taxes and going against trucking licenses.


  • Patriot

    From what I understood, years ago when the WT use to have food at the District conventions, it was cheaper for them to haul their own fruit across the Canadian and Mexican border.

    But in order to do that they had to be registered as a certified hauler.

    Today however I don't know the reason why they would continue unless for the obvious reason of not wanting to give up the $$ that it brings into their cause.


  • Francois

    Doing business with "worldly" businesses? Come now, how long have you been around? The JWs are strict, strict, strict about obeying all of God's laws, all of 'em. Interfaith always sets them on fire. And the elders love getting a case of set-U-al immorality. It gives the old bastards the ability to vicariously experience what they can't do anymore. But bidness?

    Ain't no such thing as "worldly" when you talkin' about the almighty dollar. There was an elder in our congregation whose disfellowshipped son was very nearly killed in an auto accident. This elder refused to go see his own son clinging to life. But he had a "bidness associate" with whom he did bidness every week, a disfellowshipped person in fact. That was OK. Going to see your nearly dead son? Perish the thought. You wear a wide tie to the meetings? Sent this guy into orbit (as he went door to door in his J.C. Penny dark suit with the white sox). Same guy went nutz over sky blue dress shirts; it ain't pure white, you must be of your father de debil. But when it came to money, there he was - dealing with his disfellowshipped bidness partner.

    Fruit haulers? I'll bet you they could run a whorehouse and find some way to excuse it.


  • Anid

    Francois >>> Doing business with "worldly" businesses? Come now, how long have you been around? The JWs are strict, strict, strict about obeying all of God's laws, all of 'em. Interfaith always sets them on fire<<>>

    Doing business with "worldly" businesses has nothing to do with interfaith. I think when people actually care that the WTBTS is hauling fruit it gets a little wierd. There is absolutley nothing wrong with it. And they don't have to find an excuse for it.

  • ZazuWitts



    Anid, not so wierd for me, at least, because I believe I saw posted that they do own a citrus fruit operation. Now according to Reckless they have a trucking operation that delivers to churches. So, I ask you, would an active JW publisher who operates, say, a cleaning business be allowed to clean churches of 'Christendom'? Have things changed to that degree? I would like to know.

    I personally knew of a 'brother' who was encouraged to give up his job, and did so, because he worked as a driver for a paper supply company that delivered to military installations.

    Also knew a young newly converted JW sister who worked as a goods handler for a Red Cross distribution center. She was told by then CO, that this was not proper employment and to quit her job.

    In my former congregation we were advised against staying at any Marriot hotel operation due to their connection with the Mormon church.

    Granted, this was back in the late 60's, early 70's, so perhaps such issues are a 'matter of conscience' now?

    I am aware that re the military 'alternative service' is said to now be a personal decision? So I'm reckoning that a person who drives a truck would now be permitted to deliver to a military base?

    But what about working for the Red Cross, or cleaning a church of 'Christendom' or washing their windows?

    Are all or any of these now acceptable forms of employment? Would a JW be considered 'spiritually mature' if he/she worked in any of these areas as a means of earning their living?

    I'm not up on current JW 'thinking' re these areas, and sincerely would like to know - I look forward to your answers.

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