Stratton Ohio letter to public.

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    Some have read a rough draft of a letter being prepared for the townsfolk of Stratton Ohio. Some couche potatoes commented on how it'll never work.

    The point is, it is not intended to have an effect on the Supreme Court descicion in a few weeks. It is intended to get the word out by attaching itself to any publicity associated with the Stratton case, as well as having the effect of causing grief to both the Wellsville congo who preaches there and the governing baffoons.
    Here it is, but more revised and going to be revised yet further. It goes out next week.

    Community Conscious International

    Dear resident of Stratton Ohio

    The world is watching you. In a short while, your community will conclude its legal battle for the freedom to have a community absent of an organization so bent on pressing its twisted dogma into your psyche, that they are willing to sue you to make you listen to it. We all await the outcome.

    The Watchtower Inc., who now litigates against Stratton, has become adept at exploiting the legal system for their ends. Stratton has obviously elected officials who are show concern for your interests, but you must be warned that as good as the legal firm representing you is, the Watchtower has already won this type of lawsuit many times before. You stand at the threshold of loss and the Watchtower will be coming to your home. You should also understand that, in the unlikely event Stratton should prevail at the Supreme Court, Stratton would still be the loser, as The Watchtower Inc. does not respect the law. The leadership will direct the rank & file members to continue recruiting in your community regardless of the law. Members are so controlled, that they will willingly endure arrest and imprisonment for their leaders as they nurture a martyr complex. You cannot win -not this way. The Watchtower though, has an Achilles' heel, and you can take advantage of it and win! Read the remainder of this communication to see how.

    Jehovah's Witnesses do whatever their leadership decrees. Only a Watchtower ukase would cause them to avoid your home or community. There are many homes and some entire communities even now that the Watchtower leadership will not allow their members to preach in, and yours can also become one. Your home or even the entire community can be listed on their secret Do-Not-Do card. That's correct. While the Watchtower publicly sues Stratton to keep city officials from making a Do-Not-Call list, privately, hypocritically and by Watchtower decree all congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses must keep a secret list of homes not to be called on! You can get on this secret list permanently!
    In city after city, people are finding out how to keep self-righteous Jehovah's Witnesses from their front door by being listed as Do-Not-Do. Simply put, by confronting them with the lies and scandals spilling out their back door, you cause an awakening in them. Exposing a Witness to the truth, which they know absolutely nothing about, will have the effect of causing them to quit the Watchtower in disgust. Thousands of former Witnesses are now publishing the ugly truths that the Watchtower leadership struggles to hide from the rank and file members, truths that cause Witnesses to quit the Watchtower. You are most likely not aware of the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to choose their own reading material. The Watchtower Inc. dictates what members can and cannot read, so that they can continue to shield members from the truth, keeping them ignorant and blindly wasting their lives selling their books.
    The Watchtower will move quickly to prevent any other members from finding out about the Watchtower. If the newly enlightened Witness does not quit on their own, then the Watchtower will excommunicate them and announce at their Kingdom Hall that this person should be shunned! Not even family members will ever talk to them again because the truth could spread. As for your house, it will be listed as Do-Not-Do henceforth. If all in your community are ready to offer Witnesses this prohibited information, which would destroy their life fantasy, then the Watchtower leadership will dictate that your entire community should be boycotted.
    While the law will not deter the Watchtower Inc., the leaders will blacklist a home or community themselves if it’s the only way to keep their members ignorant. They fear the INTERNET, because it is causing their mind control to fail. If your community were to be fully individually informed about the truth of the Watchtower Inc., then the Watchtower will issue a self-imposed ban on Stratton. The Watchtower only prospers where they can foster ignorance.
    Each year, thousands of Jehovah's Witnesses quit the Watchtower movement when they go to a home thinking that they might make a convert, but instead get an earful from someone who has researched the Watchtower movement on the internet. When the Watchtower finds out that they have lost members to the truth, they quickly move to stem the bleeding.
    Arm yourself with the truth about the Watchtower Inc. and be willing to share it with the deluded Witness that comes to your home. In short order, there will be no more calls to your home and fewer Witnesses to make them.

    When the Watchtower Inc. realizes that Stratton is an informed community, the Watchtower will boycott Stratton, and be happy that they lost few paying members to the truth. The Watchtower leadership cannot take the chance that a member might be enlightened by people who know. Inform yourself and Stratton will be free of the Watchtower Inc. Here are a few of the burgeoning number of web sites to inform you which present only documented facts. The truth about the Watchtower is spilling out everywhere! (information-documents-personal experiences) (information on JW child molestation issue) (information-documents-personal experiences) (information-documents-personal experiences) (you can ask for help from concerned present and former members)

    Example: Watchtower Inc. whitewashes their history. 2'nd President JF Rutherford (1917-1942) viewed like a saint, tried to protect the Watchtower's profitable operations in Germany by secretly writing to Adolf Hitler, denouncing the Jews, the USA and Great Britain. Witnesses don't know this. When they realize they've been lied to they quit.
    Tell the next JW at you door how the Watchtower hypocritically, secretly joined the UN, was caught and quit. (JWs hate the UN)
    Pay attention to NBC Dateline. Soon to air, Richard Greenburg will expose how the Watchtower conceals child molestation among its membership -to whitewash the organization. You will be reminded just why you desire a Watchtower-free community.

  • anewperson

    To help you out, Biblexaminer, you can easily come up with some emails for residents in and near Stratton, Ohio. Go to an email directory for Yahoo, AOL or other email companies and enter key search words like +Stratton, +"Stratton, Ohio," +Ohio, +OH and you will see them fast. Next email those.

    I see your idea is to inform a community about the Watchtower Society and encourage its residents to give copies of that same information to JWs as they come to the doors. The same approach can be used for Brooklyn, Paducah, various pedophile-scandalized areas. The goal is to show our love for the kids and others, to protect them from the dangers like pedophiles, bleeding to death etc.

    Good. Maybe we could work together some on some joint projects:

  • biblexaminer

    Ok! I'd like that. I will email you.

  • bluesapphire

    BX, you are definitely NOT a "couch potato"! e-mail me if I can assist you in any way.

  • biblexaminer

    If any wish to participate in any way, then email

    Phone calls after the mailing would be effective. Also, we need to contact the Mayor of Stratton to urge him to effect a public information campaign which will chase the Secretive Society out of town.

  • Rex B13
    Rex B13

    You guys really need to stay out of this and let the Supreme Court do what it will. Those people don't need zealots of the apostate scene plying them with e-mails and letters.
    Stratton's law was designed with all consideration of previous litigation. It does not specifically ban anyone but allows the householder to ban all solicitation. This is not a law opposed to any religion but to all solicitation.
    The primary purpose of the law is to protect people from flim-flam artists and salesmen. It is a copy of other statutes already in place elsewhere.

  • biblexaminer

    Why don't the couch potatoes go out and get a new remote control and stay the hell out of the way.

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