Scatology, Obcenity, Pornography in Bible?

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  • belbab

    1. vulgar language: vulgar language related to excretory functions
    2. obsession with excrement: preoccupation with excrement or obscenity

    1. sexually explicit material: films, magazines, writings, photographs, or other materials that are sexually explicit and intended to cause sexual arousal
    2. sexual images industry: the production or sale of sexually explicit films, magazines, or other materials

    ob·scen·i·ty (
    1. indecency: offensiveness to conventional standards of decency, especially as a result of sexual explicitness
    2. obscene expression: a word, phrase, or statement that is offensive, especially because of being sexually explicit
    3. something obscene: something that is disgusting and morally offensive

    With these definitions from the Encarta dictionary, Can we find such material in the Bible? If so,why are Christians, and Jehovah’s Christians restricted from speaking of such subjects?

    Why are words such as: excrement, dung, manure, intercourse, penis, coitus mammary glands, rectum, sons of dogs and snakes, and intercourse dippers, not included under the above definitions.

    Are modern medical terms designed to curtail segshual arousal in doctors?

    Why is it frowned upon to use such words on this discussion board ?

    Belbab asking too many questions? Then fornicate elsewhere and eat excrement.

    As far as my authority as originator of this thread goes you may feel free to use any expletive deletive that you like. Simon also can use any authority that he may feel is appropriate on his board.

    Any reaction of any reader to this post originates from within that reader. The author of this post does accept responsibility for any adverse reactions and unsolicited arousals

    belbab, removing himself pornographically.

  • cellomould

    'Don't covet the ass of thy neighbor's wife. Even if it's nice and plump and...' Leviticus something or other

    he he he

    cello the ass smacker

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

  • ISP

    Hey belbab, I think you will find that you can use those words, dependant on the context. You will note that there is a sex forum and one for 'adult' matters.


  • Francois

    ISP: "Adult matters" How many children do you reckon have had enough of the JWs and are on here posting and bitching and posting and bitching and posting and bitching? None, I'll bet. (Albiet I knew the JWs that my family had been soaking in were fulla shit by the time I was sixteen or so.)

    And I think you forgot the scripture about a strange woman and her "narrow well" which, I'd be willing to bet dollars to donuts, is a reference to anal sex. You know how those middle easterners are. I am a regular expert on this matter, having read Leon Uris' "The Haj." Those guys over there are regular fudge packers (pardon).


  • Rex B13
    Rex B13


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