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  • jolly_green_giant

    I just thought of a weird question.

    What would happen if a JW decided that they wanted to have a sex change and still be a JW. I think that they'd more than likely be DF'd, but would they ever be able to be re-instated in the future if they wanted to?

    That'd be odd if they attended the same congragation after.

  • Angharad

    In my old hall, someone once had study with someone who had had a sex change, dont think it lasted though, to many disapproving looks when they came to the meeting probably put them off.

  • Scully

    I remember reading an account like this in a magazine several years ago (not a WT or Awake!, obviously).

    The fellow was raised as a JW, even married and had children. But he had this overwhelming feeling that he had been meant to be a woman. He abandoned his family, was DFd, and then went about having the sex-change surgery.

    S/he later got married to a man, and was living happily ever after, as the story goes. S/he had no desire to return to the JWs.

    They showed "before" and "after" pics too. Would never know they were the same individual.

    Love, Scully

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