Audio Tape: Judicial Committee Meeting with Rick and Laverne Townsend

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  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Good Morning everyone, "HAPPY SUNDAY"!! :D

    I thought I would post this for all the newer ones who may have never listened to this it is one I listened to when I was first exiting, and has stuck in my is EXCELLENT!!! So pour your self a nice hot cup of coffee, and ENJOY!!

    Click on the link, scroll down to Specialty Tapes and it is the one entitled Judicial Committee Meeting with Rick and Laverne Townsend....Keep in mind this guy was able to discover what he did WITHOUT the help of the Internet!! He is as cool as a cucumber, but the elders are relentless!! What a perfect example of how to handle the elders in a Judicial meeting!! Let me know what you think!


    Lady Liberty

    P.S...There are many other great experiences on thins site besides this one, so be sure to check them out as well.

  • StoneWall

    Good morning to you Lady Liberty!

    I would like to state that for me personally this was the biggest turning point in my early part of my fading away from

    the WT organization.

    After I heard this audio of Rick and Laverne's judicial committee, it was at that time that I knew there was no going

    back for me. Rick handled this with much dignity,courage and was very adept at using the scriptures to defend his

    stance on issues.

    I wish that all witnesses as well as ex-witnesses had the chance to listen to this audio.

    I keep a copy that I burned to a cd in my file cabinet in case anything ever happens to the originals or gets pulled from

    the internet for whatever reason.

    I would love to someday be able to meet both Rick and Laverne and express my appreciation in person to them for

    helping me to see the truth about the so called "truth".

    I must agree that the truth does set you free.

  • doomed4sure

    I'm completely shattered by this audio recording. I've spent the last 10 years in denial, hiding from the Witnesses so as not to be df'd. I thought in that way I could avoid the pain of losing my family. I did not seek to disprove their teachings. For me it was enough to know that I do not agree with them, and, therefore, it is not the right religion for me. I knew that to research it would cause me anguish. (And indeed it has. I cried through parts of that recording and am now shaking and angry.) How could I have been so decieved? How can my parents, who I consider to be intelligent and kind, be so bamboozled? Even worse, and I can barely type this as it causes more pain than one can imagine, how can I allow my son, who I am financially unable to care for, be raised by these psychotic zealots?

    I feel that knowledge requires action. How can I sit on the things I've learned recentlly and do nothing? This will change the entire course of my life.

  • mindmelda

    I'm finding my reaction to the whole thing is simply this:

    It's so obvious there that they define apostasy as questioning anything that the WTS tells you, regardless of how unsupportable it is, not what you find in the Bible. The only interpretation that you're allowed is the one you're given by the WTS. NO thinking for yourself!

    I'm afraid I couldn't even answer these questions as these people do. I AM interested in other faiths and what they believe and always have been. That meeting would have been over in 5 minutes had it been me! In fact, I wouldn't even show up if I were called into a meeting. I have nothing left to say to JWs and I sure don't need to hear their nonsense anymore.

    And he's so right... I've talked to Baptist preachers who also believe that the end is near and that Christ is coming, but they're not going to call that "preaching the good news" unless it's preaching WTS teachings...again, the assumption that they're the only real Christians keeps them from believing that anyone else could ever be teaching anything valid from the Bible. Circular thinking demonstrated over and over again.

    This guy did the same thing I started doing...actually LISTENING to the people I was "witnessing" to. You're supposed to talk at them, give them the sales talk and never listen to anything they have to say, because they have nothing to say to you, because they're wrong and you're right.

    Gee, it's so obvious too that it's the elders there that are nervous as cats...the horrible apostates are pretty calm and self assured, or at least as much as one can be in the situation.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Doomed4sure,


    It is a very powerful recording, as it truely exposes the organization, and the elders who push to eliminate those who seek the truth. Hang in there friend, you are not alone in your feelings.


    Lady Liberty

  • mindmelda

    Listening to this again....I felt my jaw drop even harder with that arrogant "We don't have to defend the organization because we believe it's true" bit.

    I'm sorry, but what happened to "Make sure of all things, hold fast to what is fine" in Timothy? We don't have to prove anything, even to ourselves?

    What utter CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!

    I'm so glad it's not me talking to these retards, I'd have been falling down on the floor laughing, I could never be as respectful as this fellow is being. I'm so past being nice to these arseholes, they really do love their heads up there.

    I was around in 1975 and I remember MANY people feeling that they should sell everything and pioneer to the end, even if they weren't able to...people were feeling guilty about that if they didn't. I remember distinctly nice normal reasonable Witnesses selling their homes or donating much of their wealth to the WTS and totally believing that 1975 or at the latest 1976 that Armageddon would come. It was NOT the the lunatic fringe or the "overly zealous" as that one guy suggests. I was THERE! I was also 15 or 16 and it's why I was so pushed into baptism at that age, because the end was going to come NOW!

    Comparing that to voluntarily selling one's belongings to support early Christianity to what people were doing in 174-76 is ludicrous, not the same thing at all. Boy, talk about grasping at straws!

    Do they really believe what they're saying? They can't possibly! How can you be so ridiculous!

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