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  • Audrey

    This is about evolution and even uses a phrase about religion in an ironic way. It's based on Bill Cosby's "Humans are the only creatures who allow grown kids to come back home."


    What can be deduced from contemplating nature?
    All of life's origin is same DNA, "A-Z"
    From the line of our own nomenclature?
    Our branch of the Family Tree, the chimpanzee?

    I remember 'Pody,' our kids' pony.
    She had a half-horse colt, Star.
    When he came of age, she brooked no baloney.
    To enforce weaning, a swift kick did bar.

    When Mom & Pop birds, w/families like ours,
    Adjudge it's time for younguns to leave
    It's outta the nest; fly or push up flowers,
    They never allow offspring to cleave.

    The bonobo, and other chimps
    Would not consider grown kids
    Their own style to crimp.
    Posterity never leeches, "heaven" fobids!

    This is natural selection at work
    Only the fittest survive.
    All that's present now, w/whatever quirk
    Are proucts of the best; we do thrive!

    The sage observed humans are unique
    In cradling grown kids; they're nature distorting.
    Nature bids young their own way seek.
    Fly or die--this is with nature comporting.

    (edited for a few typos--surprised it could be undertstood!)

  • waiting

    Hi Audrey,

    Slightly sarcastically true look at nature, eh? It is an oddity that humans parents are *welcoming* their children back home, taking care of grandchildren.....and then taking care of parents who are unable to care for themselves.

    And the next generation will *probably* do the same. What do evolutionists think about this triple role adults play?

    You're right, animals won't oblige this lifestyle.

    "Live and let live.....or die."


  • Frenchy

    It would seem that we do not 'naturally' do the right thing to perpetuate our species. This is just one more example. BTW don't you just hate it when you invite over a couple your age hoping for some intelligent conversation and adult companionship only to find out they are babysitting their grandchild because the mother is out trying to make another one she can't take care of????

  • Audrey

    Waiting and Frenchy,
    Thanks so much for reading my poetry. It's a new thing to me and it's great to be able to share some of it!

    Maybe someday i'll 'come out' and reveal whose muse i am. :-)

    Frenchy, i have a poem based on your wonderful signature quote, but it's too personal to post here. But thanks for that quotation--it's inspiring.

    Edited to add this P.S.: Yes, Frenchy, it is a pain when people should be free to have them carrying the burden of responsibility of their reckless offspring. I saw bumper sticker that read:


    How true, how true.

  • Frenchy

    Poetry is perhaps the most personal of all expressions with the possible exception of songs which are really poems with the added dimension of music. If it's not personal then it's really not poetry or music!

    I would love to read your poem. If you are reluctant to put it on the board feel free to e-mail it to me. After all, talking to another poet is like talking to your doctor, he's seen it all anyway!

    It's been a while since I've been on this forum and I miss it. Thank you for reminding me how pleasant it is.

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