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    mark smith

    since my mothers ilness it prometed me to write a out reach leaflet heres the contents i wrote it 2 weeks ago when my mother passes away i will be giving a few copies to all local kingdom halls see what yer think folks theres pictures and stuff o the leaflets if any one wold like some posting free of chrge let me know happy reading folks

    e are not writing this leaflet to judge, condemm
    Or hurt the feelings of current or ex JWS we cannot really examine all the evidence put forth in full or proper detail just in a simple leaflet But as Christians we have made sure that the evidence we have used is fact and true. Of which all watchtower quotes used can be obtained on request we have used the biblical stand point for the case put forth which brings protection to Gods people. The bible tells us

    to make sure of all things testing them against the word of God. The scriptures are our safe guard against all false doctrines and prophets which have bought about so much disgrace to our Holy God and delusion to an on looking world.
    Jesus said that the church would be built on a rock of truth; He went on to say that there would arise false prophets in the last days that would mislead many. He warned us not to listen or go to them. From this stand point
    We will look into the rock of foundation the JWS have built their church and established their doctrines
    The founder was (Charles Taze Russel-1852-1916) Russell was influenced by the Adventist leader NH Barber and borrowed his believes regarding the end of the world and that Christ would return in 1874 and that 1914 would be the year God will destroy the world, which is (called the battle of Armageddon) 1914 would be the beginning of the messianic millennium or 1000 year reign of Christ. Of which He would bring in the restoration of the new earth
    But when it did not happen he shifted the dates to 1915 and then again to 1916 which was the year that Russell died .He left behind a very confused and disillusioned flock as you can imagine all that they were left with was smashed dreams caused through the false prophesies and wrong date setting.
    (For further prove that Russell stated that the battle of Armageddon would take place in 1914 read (THE TIME IS AT HAND P.101)
    Only now to cover the false prophecy did the watchtower say that it was only the presence (parrusia) and not literal but that’s not what Russell taught.
    But in 1916 Joseph Rutherford (1869-1942) took over the organisation.
    He rallied Russell’s converts together with the threat of armageden AGAIN breaking at any moment to frighten and intimidate the flock with fear then he to decide to have a go at his prophetic skills to gain more converts so he wrote a book in 1917 called (The Finished Mystery) on pages 485 and 258 he stated his first direct prophecy he claimed
    That in1918 God would destroy all churches with all there followers and members also in 1920 all the world would fall into a state of anarchy and that only the people who was in his organisation would be saved of this wrath of God and His arm of terrifying judgement,
    this tactic certainly worked and he gained many converts but only when none of these prophecies came to pass people started to ask questions the numbers started to dwindle so to keep his flock from deserting him he wrote yet another book called
    (Millions Now Living Will Never Die) on page 89 –90 again he started his hand of prophesying this time he moved the goal post from 1914 and claimed that in 1925 the messianic reign and age will take place (watchtower 1924,p.211). Again when this failed to materialise to keep the flock from asking any questions. He also claimed that the patriarch saints Abraham Isaac Jacob etc.would return to reign on earth. A mark of his true prophecies and authority. The date was set 1925.Then in 1929 Rutherford had a house built in san dieago, calfornia for them to live in even though they were 4 years late he and the watchtower still paid to have this mansion built the name of which was (beth-Sarim) I.e. house of the princes. Again
    They never turned up. But guess what? He himself moved in. Below is a direct quote from rutherford,
    The year of 1925 is here. With great expectation Christians have looked forward to this year. Many have expected that ALL members of the body of Christ will be changed to heavenly glory during this year, (watchtower, jan.1 1925,p.3) There are so many other false prophecies and doctrines to many to lists on a leaflet these are but just a few if you would like to know more on what this sect bases there believes we would gladly send you free of charge an information pack all from the watchtower resources so you can look up for your self to see if these things are so. Do not be miss lead at least look them up. We are not trying to break down your faith but merely exposing false teachings and cover-ups of the watchtower God expects His people to seek for truth. (HE is the Truth) man made religions have done so much damage to the church and marred and bought about disgrace to Gods holy standard and kingdom on earth.
    Summing Up
    These 2 self-prophesying founders (Russell-Rutherford)
    Of the JW Movement have based their faith on their own lies and have misled millions with there false prophecies. They used brain washing fear tactics using the threat of Armageddon to intimidate there followers Which is still evident today.They were constantly telling them they and they only had the truth and was the open channel to God. Eventually like all brain washed cults people just believe even when truth is shown them they will still not listen. He would tell them that other people were all apostate lost Satan’s children, etc. Which
    makes the members frightened to speak out or even question any of its believe system. Please read the below they are few quotes of Gods word the bible they will protect you and lead you God not false teachers of religion.

    When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD if that thing does not come to pass that man is not from the LORD (The prophet is FALSE
    (Deut. ch 18-21-22.

    He said false prophets would arise and mislead many DO NOT LISTEN to them especially when they predict using
    dates concerning the coming of the Lord.
    See (Matthew ch 24-23-31.)
    We also have the words of the Lord Jesus just before His ascension to heaven.

    Lord will you at this time restore the kingdom of God. He said it’s not for you to know the times and the seasons (.Acts ch-1-7).
    Jesus said
    As to the day or the hour
    (Mathew 24 –36.) With all this evidence are you going to put it to the back of your mind saying that this is apostate literature or are you going to see if these things are so?If you are genuiely seeking Gods purpose.You will check the quotes for yourself your salvation may depend on it. Remember that Jesus brought truth to the world not lies and would not give His people false hopes and messages
    So where did these prophecies come from ??? If they did not come from God.???
    I would like to say at this moment that Gods people are in all church’s there are genuine followers in all faiths who love God with all there hearts just like you. There is some where for you to go where you will feel at home where you can here the true Gospel
    Or if you would like we could send you some free literature on true biblical doctrine to help you find freedom, hope and joy not with the chains of religion but where you can feel free to ask questions and not be shown the door. So don’t let people tell you or have the authority over your Life and eternal destiny please feel free to write to us or email us we look forward to hear your questions and views.
    Write to The Way
    PO Box6671
    NG2 4NH.
    God bless you

    Mark and Nicola smith


  • LDH

    he he he witnessing to the Witnesses....I like it.

    The sad truth is, they are programmed to shut their brain off the second their 'apostate detector' is triggered.

    The people on this board have a million different ways of breaking people out of this cult....sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    Every pot has a lid.

    Hope your Mom is not in pain

  • moman

    Mark, very true on the WT Zombies, but all religions due the same thing, that iz, REPLACE YOUR THOUGHTS WITH THEIRS!
    Some are just more subtle than others.

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    So true eddie. All religions ultimate goal is to conform a persons independent thoughts to that of the groups thoughts. Group dynamics is to put pressure on an individual for full acceptance of their principals and ethics. That is why dysfunctional people with low self esteem are susceptible to being converted to a groups mentality. They eventually take on this group thinking and are speaking not because they believe it but that the group believes it.


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