Video games to get Df'ed by

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  • butalbee

    Is there a game that a young dub can play without being morally wrong or spiritually misleading? I know every time I played my favorite game around my boyfriend Tombraider, I got evil looks and grunts. So what, Lara kills lots of things with very nice arsenal(the explosive crossbow rules), these are bad things that she needed to kill to stay's just a game, for Christ's sakes. Could a sheep be set free from the kingdom pasture for playing these violent gamess?

  • gilwarrior

    When I was a kid we were told that all video games were wrong.

  • ashitaka

    Playing Grand Theft Auto 3 could get their panties in a bunch. It has prostitutes, awesome weapons, and mob hits in it. Nice combo.

    I'm a young lad, so I remember when Mortal Kombat came out, and I was playing every chance I got. I remember getting hit every day for taunting my crazed JW father with the fact that I played it every day before I came home from school.

    I used to call him a pushover for letting other parents tell him how to raise his kids.

    Perhaps that's why I got hit.LOL

  • Hmmm

    I'm sure Reader Rabbit (preschool through kindergarten) would be OK. At the first and second grade levels, they start teaching you four-letter words, so that might chafe some consciences. (No, Reader Rabbit doesn't teach four-letter curse words, but they do contain four letters, and that's good enough for some Witnesses to condemn.)

    I used to think Thomas The Tank Engine was fine, but one of the characters is named Percy, and my two-year-old nephew has a problem with his Rs, so that's probably a DFing offense.


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