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  • Lionel_P_Hartley

    This thread is for a general all-inclusive discussion of the library card explanation presented by the WTS. Nothing within that context should be considered off-topic.

    To get the ball rolling:

    By affiliating with the UN as an NGO an organization agrees to support and advance UN goals. To help accomplish this common goal the NGO is issued a grounds pass, is allowed to send representatives to various briefings, meetings and conferences, etc. It also provides the NGO access to policy makers, academics etc.

    The whole package is set up so that both the UN and the NGO are aided in promoting whatever subset of goals that they have in common. That is the reason for affiliation - commonly held goals. If an entity only wanted access to the library then it could obtain a library card without affiliating.

    For the WTS to claim that they affiliated solely to obtain a library pass is disingenuous in that it ignores the above obligations - essentially a contract between them and the UN. Presumably, they affiliated so that they could meet the terms of their contract with the UN and so, advance their shared goals.

    The WTS, and Mr Alward, apparently want to focus on the library or grounds pass as if that were the end in itself. While I personally believe that the WTS screwed up royally and, out of arrogance, affiliated for its own ends, which centered on access to library materials, that is mere speculation on my part. It is also speculation on Alward's part who, for whatever reason, wishes to accept the WTS's explanation uncritically. We must go off the facts which clearly show what the obligations of an NGO are, and what the benefits are that accrue to it - a grounds pass being only one of many.

    Focussing on the library card is done only to trivialize the issue so that the WTS doesn't look quite so bad. The fact that the WTS lied in its letter to the Guardian also destroys any reason for giving them the benefit of the doubt.

    So in answer to the question "Why did the WTS affiliate?" the only reasonable answer is "to allow them to further the goals and principles they hold in common with the UN." For those are the terms of affiliation. We can speculate all we like, but until the WTS issues a truthful statement that says something like "We screwed up and just did it for the library pass and had no intention of meeting our obligations to support the UN and quit when we found out what was required" or "We just did it for the library pass and were happily meeting our obligations to support the UN until we were found out" then we must accept the terms of affiliation as being the reason they affiliated.

    Th etruth is, until the WTS issues a truthful explanation that is consistent with the facts - which might include a statement of being unaware of the UN's policies at the time of their affiliation then we have nothing to go off at all - other than a letter is that is a tissue of lies.


  • avengers

    There is an abundancy of information which proves the Governing Body was and still is lying about their affiliation with the UN.
    They are also instigating to lying, because they issued letters to all the Branch Offices over the whole world telling them to lie their way out of this.

    Do you really think they will issue anything that would be honest?
    They know nothing about honesty. They know power, deception, selfishness, etc.

    Murdering bastards, that's what they are. Don't expect anything good from these assholes.

  • Reborn2002


    The true Kingdom of God is located in your heart, not an organization of hypocrites. for my new webpage and info!! Im trying to live now!!

  • drahcir yarrum
    drahcir yarrum

    Another set of handy JW defenses might go like this:

    I joined the Army so I could use their 6 week fitness program.

    I attended a Christmas party so I could leave Watchtower and Awake copies on coffee tables when nobody was looking.

    I committed adultery to get some pointers on how to better satisfy my wife.

    I joined the YMCA so I could use their basketball court.

    We joined the UN so we could use their library.

    All of the above make perfect sense to me.

    "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son." Dean Vernon Wormer, Faber College

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    If we buy the WTBTS explanation that they didn't know what they agreed to by joining the UN, What does that do to their credibility?? I mean by entering into such agreement without knowing what they were getting into, these guys couldn't even run a whore house let alone a billion dollar enterprise.


  • Lionel_P_Hartley


    It's worse than that - they imply that they did know what they were doing when they affiliated but that the UN changed the rules on them without their knowledge.


  • miner

    I am probably behind most of you in this 'library card' defense discussion, but does anyone know more details about the letter that appears at ? It appears to be from the Head Librarian of the Dag Hammarskjold Library and seems to pretty effectively knock down the WatchTower's defense point-by-point.
    Also, has anyone determined if a "library card" could have been obtained by WTS without associating as an NGO? Perhaps they are viewed as members of the press by virtue of Awake/WatchTower magazines or they could be considered "serious researchers" by the UN?

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    From another post it is obvious that the WT has been caught in a big lie. The WT response dated November 1, 2001 they say:

    "Our purpose for registering with the Department of Public Information as a nongovernmental organization (NGO) in 1991 was to have access to research material available on health, ecological, and social problems at the United Nations library facilities."

    The UN's response dated January 3, 2002 says:

    "The issuance of a library pass is independent of NGO status or any other status. There has been no change in the library pass policy in general; however, please be advised that, as a consequence of the September 11 attacks, no library passes are being issued for the time being while the security situation at the UN is being studied."

    So it will come down to who we believe here but remember the UN has no reason to lie here where as the WT has. So it looks like the WT/GB has been caught in another lie. Seems like they the GB are getting deeper and deeper in s*** on this one.


  • Lionel_P_Hartley


    See the thread in this section started by gilwarrior.


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