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    From freeborg,

    Hi to all,
    I have been a reader of this message board for a number of years and this is the first comment I have made in that time. I have been part of the WTS for 20 years my parents believed they had found the truth when I was 10 and from then on we hung to every word uttered from the platform at the kingdom hall. My wife was a witness brought up in the WTS all her life so the WTS was a massive part of all our familes lives from parents to brothers and sisters. Over the last 5 years as a family we have all undergone injustice from the WTS and its members, this has come in the form of accusations of apostacy, shunning, family members still active witnesses refusing to associate with us. Close friends that we have built up friendships with have turned round and branded us wordly and unfit to associate with. All this has been heaped on us because we dared question the organisations origins and stopped attending meetings and going on field service. To date most of the family have turned there backs on the WTS which numbers around 20 people in total including myself, we have all had enough of the lies, hrypocrisy, dangerous, demonic activities of the WTS. My own experience is that I was happy to stop going and not involve myself with the organisation and its members but from comments about me and my family I feel the need to take action, action which in a positive way may help others not get involved in ths evil cult. Yes I have been branded an apostate and because of that will live up to the name and give my accuses an apostate that will be a thorn in there sides.

    I am starting a leaflet campaign in a number of areas in the United Kingdom and would welcome comments about information that should be included. The leaflet will be A4 size and fold to a third of its size. I need to include information that gets the attention and gives people the opportunity to counter JW's comments that may call. If the witnesses want armageddon then I suggest we give it to them but not in the form they are expecting.

    Good points by sadiejive - no negative type hate stuff, informative, and things that won't be told by JWs.
    Keep it coming sadie.

    From anewperson - members tell on each other (love that one), and more..

    Keep it coming.

    My gut instinct is that scriptural references etc. probably aren't the stuff for the 'lay' person. Things like 'who are elders?' etc. would probably have people gettin' out the barge poles.


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