IoI! Watchtowers'Trinity' brochure full of errors?

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  • Adonai438

    Ran accross this article on the Watch Tower Publication:
    Should you believe in the Trinity?
    Very informative for us that like to dig deep into WT errors.
    In Summarry it is about how the Watch Tower mis-quotes scholars to make them say what they want. It documents many errors and backs them up with direct quotes from the scholar in question. Their quotes are either entirely false or taken out of context to what the person was saying. This is nothing new to the WT but this article is very 'enlightening' :)

  • Bang

    They certainly provide a lot of testimony of men in the effort.
    Perhaps the bit about revelation didn't sink in.

    "Good for you Simon Bar-Jona"


  • Will Power
    Will Power

    This was actually the 1st printed thing I investigated.
    Not the Trinity per say (?) but their journalistic integrity (if that is a term)
    This is where I learnt to never trust a quote from the WT with ..... in the middle.
    reading some one's entire quote & context usually led to the total bafflement (vocab way off today) of the scripture quotes that went along especially when they were read in context.
    Very poor excuse for trying to prove one's point. Also very poor excuse for anyone using this document as proof they've investigated an idea. Also very poor excuse to continue studying using this type of material.
    What is that scripture? They use smooth words?

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