Newbies , Are We Seeing An Accelerated Increase? This Past Year ? Newbies Feel free To Respond Please .

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  • smiddy

    Is it just me or does anyone else see more newbies joining this site this past year and especially in the last few months .

    We would love to welcome you with genuine friendship ,support ,encouragement ,a place to vent ,and not judge you.

    You have the freedom to express whatever view you like and you won`t be kicked off the board.

    And to learn more about the "Truth" about the truth , you will not hear at a Kingdom Hall .


  • steve2

    Um, 3 hours and no far. Perhaps not quite the acceleration hoped for?

  • joe134cd
    I think that sights like these are growing tends to indicate to me that there is discord amongst the R&F
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    There is a real fear instilled into Witnesses regarding viewing "apostate" web sites, so imagine how hard it would be for such ones to actually add any comments to them!!!!

    That's why so many are "lurkers" to begin with - I was in the same boat!

  • bemused

    I'm well over a year now, so don't count as a newbie. I agree though that there seems to have been quite a large number of new members commenting recently. I hope this is evidence of an upwards trend and not just a temporary blip. The more that leave, the more doubt that will sow in the minds of those remaining.

    Now that the WT isn't making commitments to any specific date for Armageddon then I suspect it's the DF/DA threat that's keeping a large proportion of the congregations in. The irony is that you could have a whole family of doubters but no one says anything because they fear losing contact with their relatives; it's like living in some sort of Stalinist regime.

  • Bonsai

    I'm a newbie here. I've been lurking/posting a bit here and there for a few months now. I think there are many like me who are getting older (late 20's to early 40's) and finding it more and more difficult to believe unquestionably all the JW doctrine and its recent flip flops/changes. In my case, it just got harder and harder to believe with the intensity of a works-based faith that JW Land requires. Believing in invisible things is hard enough. On top of that we have to shun df'd family and refuse medical help that could save our loved ones lives. Also, I just got tired of preaching to everyone that they are wrong, I'm right and if you don't except it the crows are gonna be pecking at your corpse any day now.

    I always hated the term apostate. It's a term that is too easily abused and used to scare people. It's like the term "witch" in the early American colonial days. I believe most people on this site are searchers for truth who think outside of the box that society/religion created for us from long ago before we were born.

    I would like to express my appreciation to Simon for making this site and to all of you others who provide interesting and thought-provoking comments to chew over.

    I'm not here on a mission to bash JW Land and prove it wrong. Maybe this is the truth. I don't know. I only know that I'm tired, burnt out and yearn for freedom of thought and freedom of conscience. What changes will take place in the org. for the better or worse? What developments will take place as far as bible prophecy is concerned? I'm waiting and watching. I think I've learned enough at this point in my life to know that I really don't know anything.

  • Pistoff
    I agree, lots of new names
  • stuckinarut2

    Nice comments bonsai!!!

  • freemindfade
    I think three months for me. I had pretty much faded out without this site. It wasn't a part of my awakening. But has become a part of my venting. Coping. And hopefully Assisting other if I can.
  • cappytan

    I joined as a new year's resolution in January, although I had been lurking since around October.

    When I joined, I was already awake, but I was still struggling with the fear and grief that come from realizing that it was all a lie.

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