Have anybody been HARASSED by JW?

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  • bj

    Have anyone been harassed by JW? The reason why I'm asking this question is because my wife and I have been!!! Will develop later. Looking foward for your story.


  • cellomould

    sexually or otherwise?

    he he he


    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke

  • Sky

    I have been harrassed in the wrst way imaginable by a JW. Its not fun, and its no laughing matter.
    The elders wont do anything, because I no longer claim to be a JW. They veiw as my words as lies against one of their brothers...
    Good ole boy club...

  • anewperson

    Not normally and many JWs even 4th generation ones will deny this (as they have on this board), but some, if they believe you may expose something to the police like pedophilia or talk about it having happened among other JWs, if they think you are an apostate (dissident) or too "goat-like" (independent minded) then they as individuals or as an elder body may elect to do various forms of harassment which they do not call harassment but words like training or disciplining in righteousness and which you allegedly should take as an honor because it shows Jehovah's "love" for you. Most JWs would not do any of the following but the inner-circle group of intimates includes its fanatics who come out at night.

    wave hands in your face

    stick hand in your back while you're trying to pray at the hall

    yell at you for no then apparent reason

    backstab you

    talk from platform about you being evil but not give your name
    send a rotten report or phone ahead to do so when you move
    assign a "detective" to spy on your activities even in your bedroom
    and you may be expelled (not disfellowshipped) by being harassed
    a lot just before you may move to another hall if you and your
    husband or wife committed oral-sex

    poke or tap on your back shoulder then move on silently, shove or

    do "treading" which is where someone (an ancient elder/semi-lame person or the like) walks by while you're seated and pushes down on your shoulder so to an onlooker it looks like they are just trying to get steady themselves

    assign you to work all alone when doing door-to-door

    screw up your magazine subscriptions and the like

    you may find your car has been scrapped with a key, or worse

    give you ring-ring hang-up phone calls or make other noise to cause loss of sleep, including for if you are an inactive JW, the idea being that you are being "demonized" for not attending

    talk about, point and giggle at you

    drop verbal hints like "Jehovah's eyes are everywhere," "you should have heard what we did to that annointed sister," "who would ever believe Jehovah's Witnesses could do things to you," "did you ever read that verse about 'Jehovah's wicked spirit' going into operation?" and the like

    put something on your car hood or door step like a toilet bowl scrub brush or a dead bird

    Does all this sound cultic and impossible to believe? Surely the Watchtower wouldn't do anything so cultish or allow or encourage its most fanatical "angels" to do so, you say? Surely not an Armageddon shepherding cult would do such things? No, not the regular JW even 4th generation JWs, but then yes, in any group there are fanatics and especially so these days with all the pedophilia etc that Mama Watchtower wants covered over - including that of Leo Greenlees, the Gov Body member (now deceased) who was a pedophile whom they did not disfellowshipped but merely quietly relocated

  • anewperson

    P.S. I knew a young sister who went around to some JWs in other halls after a sister had died from not taking a transfusion at her hall and the reason they got her was she told them the other sister had died to invite them to the funeral and see if anyone wanted to donate flowers. It wasn't fair. They also don't like people talking about it after suicide occurs. Anything to maintain the image of a "spiritual paradise."

  • Mum

    After I separated from my JW husband, I was telephoned by elders and visited by my ex several times a week, usually being interrupted at work, asking me about "adultery." My ex didn't mind that I left, just as long as he would be "free to remarry." I guess any woman would do as long as she was a JW.

    Anyway, I finally caved in and went to a meeting at the home of one of the elders. They were mostly pretty vicious. Their only agenda was to accuse me of some kind of wrongdoing, preferably adultery. One of the interrogators was decent, and I will never forget him for that. The elder who acted the most judgmental was a man who had been brought up as a JW, then joined the military, then went back to the JW's, then married a "worldly" woman (she converted).

    As it turns out, I'm glad I went to that meeting over 20 years ago. After it was over, I was free. I no longer had any delusions about the "truth" or the men who represented it. I was so happy when I left! The weight of the world was lifted off of me. I just get happier and happier every year.

    My ex continued to harass me, but had to stop once my daughter reached the age of majority. He's a pathetic, miserable person. BTW, he never remarried. I did.

    Seize the day, and put the least possible trust in tomorrow. - Horace

    I have learned to live each day as it comes and not to borrow trouble by dreading tomorrow. - Dorothy Dix

  • closer2fine

    After I stopped attending (I was 19) they started showing up at my work to see me (I worked at a hotel). I would just avoid them & fellow coworkers thought they were psycho for stalking me. (yeah they gave great witness)

    They also started showing up at my apartment at all hours of the day and night. Knocking for 10-15 minutes and leaving notes. What they didn't realized is that I already moved and changed my phone number (unlisted). It drove my former landlady crazy (she also thought they were psycho and didn't tell them I moved). She did call the police on them for sitting outside her house (my apartment was the bottom part of her house) at 2AM - I guess trying to catch me with my "worldy" boyfriend.


  • jschwehm

    When my brother-in-law left the JWs, the city overseer used to stake out his apartment to see if his "worldly" girlfriend was spending the nite. One morning, my brother-in-law saw the elder in his van and waved to him. The elder, in his haste to leave hit one of the neighbor's cars. My brother-in-law got the elder's license number and gave it his neighbor with the information needed to track down the elder for hitting the car and leaving the scene of an accident.

    Also, about two years ago, I was visited by the local elders here in Nebraska. I have never attended a congregation here in this state. They wanted to know who I was and where I came from and if I had ever been disfellowshipped. They kept asking me if I had any family in the area. One of them even said that they had heard that a former JW was now a professor at the local college and they wanted to know if that was me. I told them yes since they obviously knew who I was already. I did tell them that they were welcomed to come back anytime they wanted information about the Society and how badly the Society is lying to people. When I said that, one of the elders got really nasty and in my face. I think he would have hit me if the other elder had not said that they were not trying to cause trouble but were at my door to offer me a chance to apply for reinstatement.
    I doubt if the JWs will ever show up at my door again.

    Jeff S.

  • ISP

    Not me! I've been inactive for 18 months or so! so far so good!


  • r51785

    Four years after I stopped attending meetings (and had moved from San Diego to Los Angeles) an elder who I had never met before showed up at my door and accused me of celebrating worldly holidays. He wanted me to meet with a JC regarding the accusation. I declined. I am sure the elders in my KH in San Diego must have finally figured out where I moved to and decided to send someone to try to df me.

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