Instant dinner party

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  • Quillsky

    Here's the scenario........

    It's Friday evening and you've arrived home from work, ready to enjoy the night at home watching a movie. Your home is averagely tidy and clean, your fridge and cupboards contain the food and drink they're normally stocked with, nothing special.

    At 7pm the doorbell rings. You open the door and two couples are standing there, friends of yours that two weeks ago you invited over for supper tonight. You know them all well enough for the *surprise* dinner party to be fairly casual, but not well enough to say "Oh shit, we completely forgot you were all coming!"

    While they are enjoying their welcome drinks in your living room/garden/on your patio, you have about 5 minutes to escape to prepare the meal, perhaps another 15 minutes for cooking/boiling/baking while you enjoy a drink and chat with them, and then 5 minutes for throwing it all together.

    What would you make for your instant dinner party, using only what you usually have in the kitchen, so that they'd never suspect that you'd forgotten about the invitation?

  • GentlyFeral

    • Pot of basmati rice, in rice cooker. Possibly with white wine and portobella mushrooms.
    • Big salad or slaw.
    • Cooked beans (usually on hand) or tofu in food processor with herbs, onions, garlic, lots of savory strong-flavored things (tomato paste? miso? whatever harmonizes), shaped into patties and fried. Multiple skillets to speed the process.
    • Vegetable medley: broccoli, cauliflower, maybe asparagus, green onion, stirfried with garlic, salt, pepper, maybe some Asian condiments.
    • If it's not too hot to use the oven, fruit cobbler for dessert.

    And the guests would be in the kitchen keeping me company, maybe lending a hand from time to time.

    gently feral

  • Emma

    Pasta with goat cheese and greens, freshly grated parmesan; salad or steamed veg's with lemon olive oil and pine nuts, a couple bottles of wine; good coffee and chocolate or cookies (or both) for dessert.

  • dutchstef

    Smoked salmon( in smal pieces) and creme fraiche and some chive and carpers and lemons

    mix the creme fraiche salmon chive and carpers with sam lemmonjuice and pepper and salt.

    use a cookring to make tartares put a lemmonring on it and bake some potatoes.

    dinner served!

  • Quillsky

    GentlyFeral, it sounds like you have a fabulous veggie kitchen! I also have my guests in the kitchen while I cook...... it makes for the best dinner parties.

    And portobella mushrooms, num num, aren't they the best? So meaty!

    (Note to self....... get a rice cooker, great idea!)


    Order in Chinese food..Or what ever else you like..


  • Quillsky

    Yes Outlaw, this happened to us last week and we ordered in pizza! But felt bad about doing that, should have whipped up something and made more of a dinner party from what we had, hence this thread.

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