Stange Bedfellows

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  • Carmel

    After reading dear Yo Yo Mudda's question about whether or not each of us is DF'd and for what reason, I was at first thoroughly pissed off at someone making such and inquiry. After reading the other responses, it was clear my angst was shared by many. I began to think how similiar Yo Yo's demeanor is to old YK.. naw, couldn't be. YK is probably still harping about the stock market and Y2K.

    Sorry for wasting your time.

    Carmel, aka Eligah

  • dungbeetle

    I've been wondering about that myself since day one.

    Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

    In 1975 a crack team of publishers was sentenced to death by a judicial commiteee. They promptly escaped from the cult and now live life on the run. If you have a problem ... and if you can find them ... maybe you can contact the A--postate Team"

  • waiting

    Welllllllll, howdy Carmel!

    If this don't beat the bugs ta bitin! Good to see you, sweetpea! Just come in here to fuss a little?

    LOL! unclebruce asked where the fool you ran off to.....I said you seemed to have gotten some class about yourself. He said "naaaaaaaaaa".

    I pesonally don't pay attention to YoYo - tad pompous.

    Carmel, aka Eligah
    Who's "Eligah?" Different than Elijah?


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Hi all,

    How would you like to be presiding overseer in a congregation where Yo Yo, Robert You Know and Freddie Hall are publishers?
    However disparate theur personalities, they all seem to share a fondness for their own pronouncements. Imagine the Watchtower study... would they let anyone else get in a comment sideways?

  • zerubberballs

    LOL@ Room 215,

    I'd give YouKnow a wide berth but SirFred? I'd pay cash and que up half a day in the rain to see that guy conduct a watchtower study. It'd be freak'n hillarious.


    SirFRED: Q: "what did the original porpoise of Jehovah's plan?"

    unclebruce: A: "so jonah got vomited on his beach"

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