Has the "new order" already begun?

by The Berean 7 Replies latest jw friends

  • The Berean
    The Berean

    Looking back at the year 1914 , it is obvious that the way mankind lives today is far superior. In the US, for instance, the life span for men of that era was in the low 50s while today men can expect to live well into their seventies. Advanced communication, transportation, entertainment, health care, housing, and machines of all types make life so much more enjoyable for us in 2010. Furthurmore, I have yet to speak to anyone who wishes they were living in earlier times.

    So, is it possible that a new era of enlightenment is already underway and things aren't as bad as some religions teach?

  • shamus100

    We are living in one of the best times on earth - FACT.

    Perhaps this is the new order and the presence is invisible.

  • Finally-Free
    We are living in one of the best times on earth - FACT.

    Nah, I preferred the '70s.


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    wouldn't surprise me if the WBTS double talked their way into teaching that to keep numbers up one day!


  • thetrueone

    Berean, you would never make to the top executive board of the WTS. with that kind of attitude.

    There never was an old world order.

  • Robdar

    Well, of course the new order has already begun. Don't you remember Armageddon back in '75?

  • Clint Bussey
    Clint Bussey

    Well really, if you read what Russell taught, that would be the case. In fact he taught that modern inventions like electric light, automobiles, ect. were evidence that Jesus invsible presence started in 1875 or whatever it was. You know, before Rutherford and Knorr the Watchtower taught that the Kingdom would slowly and invisibly be made manifest out of the chaotic great tribulation in 1914. Russell said that a loving God would not kill off %99 of the population as most churches taught in his day, because that would be unloving. I am not kidding, this is what he really taught.

    Anyway, they did think that Kingdom rule on earth would be obvious and visibly manifest well before now, maybe 2 to 8 years or something. What's interesting, is that in the book, "Thy Kingdom Come", it said that after the 1914 upheaval there would be a sowing of seed for the earthly heirs of the Kingdom and a later reaping of the harvest. It seems that mankind has advanced exponentially, but hasn't yet figured out how to properly use his new estate. Nor have we moved on from past ideas and doctrines that we should know better than yet.

  • WTWizard

    Once President Osama Obama is impeached and thrown in jail (along with everyone else that is holding this country hostage), and a president with the "No initiatory force, threats of force, or fraud" mentality is in his place, the true new order will begin. And it will be through destruction of bureaucracies that have been holding us back. If religion is also holding us back, these religions will be exposed and people free to abandon them (they will go belly up). At which point, science will be free to work on solving all of our problems. No God will be necessary.

    On the other hand, if those competing political parties (like the Libertarians and Twelve Visions Party, which are both attempting to move in that direction) or independents with similar policies are squashed by the Establishment, we will never see the true new order (a New Dark Ages, maybe, but no true new order). Science will be forever prevented from moving ahead. Scientific fraud that is the result of the Establishment forcing them to throw out valid conclusions will continue to be the norm, and people will never trust those with the correct ideas. People that innovate will continue being taxed to death and/or thrown in jail. Religions and cults (Christian and/or Muslim) will thrive and continue getting more and more oppressive. Tyranny will reign supreme.

    We really need to lose President Osama Obama, and both house leaders. We also need to lose the One World Totalitarian Government, either with forcible removal or by not supporting it. We need to let scientists step up and do their jobs without telling them how to do their jobs. Or else, we will all become mere robots.

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