We're getting warmer...Dateline NBC

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  • sunscapes

    We must be getting warmer...the Friday Dateline just previewed on tonight's show is about the financial misdeeds of a church...should be a wedge in the door for the WTS show.

  • freeman

    I think you are right.

    A story on the physical abuses of a church group (they took the kids away from them), another story on the sexual abuse by a trusted minister, and now the financial abuses of a certain church. Yes it certainly looks like they are priming the pump big time for what will likely be a bombshell. I urge everyone to obtain from silent lamb’s site some of the brochures, and perhaps append them with the airdate when we know it, and do a house-to-house, or parking lot campaign to distribute them. Remember to videotape this show, and bring up the subject at every opportunity that presents itself.

    Weather your motives are to destroy the WTBTS, (not likely) or simply to bring to the public’s attention a serious problem within the organization; the more pressure that is brought to bear, the more likely the organization will be forced to start protecting children and not pedophiles, and that’s really what is important. Just my two cents.


  • anewperson

    Warmer, yes, but it could still be next month. We can only wait for silentlambs to tell as soon as he's informed. Meanwhile he says there is more action brewing in a related way.

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