Dylan the Danger-Mouse

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  • Simon

    We went to a Whacky Warehouse on Sunday afternoon for lunch with my little brother who went back to uni. this week (he's not so little anymore).

    A Whacky Warehouse is an english pub / restaurant with a huge kids adventure playground inside.

    Liam went round the junior bit and Dylan started playing in the nippers area with a slide into a ball pool etc...

    He eventually decided that he wanted to go in the big bit with Liam and was made up when after 8 or 9 attempts he managed to get up a big (for him) step and down the other side into the biggest ball pool he'd even seen.

    He then started sinking.

    We were all set to go in after him when a bigger lad helped him up and a few kids together helped him negotiate the step and back to safety.

    Off they went again, Liam back in there and Dylan back in the little bit. A while later and Liam came out complaining that he'd fallen over or something. As we're sorting him out we just catch Dylan's feet disappearing up the steps onto the second level.

    We back away and peer up to see where he is but can't see him anywhere.

    "Go and find Dylan and bring him back" we tell Liam and off he goes only to return after a few minutes to tell us "He's not there!"

    Now we're getting worried and we start to look round frantically to find him.

    Nowhere in sight.

    Our backs are against the wall now and we're jumping in the air trying to see up to the top, 3rd level. Then I see him.

    A big curved window at the top with him stood in it grinning like a king on top of the world.

    We point him out to Liam (who is visibly impressed with his young sibling) and send him in again to guide him down.

    The smile on his face when he came out was a picture. He was still pointing to the top saying "Up there! Up there!" as we took them both off to have their dinner.

    Kids are such a worry but it's great to see them gaining confidence and exploring their little world.

  • ISP

    Hey I wish they had Whacky Warehouses when I was a kid! Sounds like a nice day out, Simon! I like Sundays......period. Even if I do nothing!!!


  • Billygoat

    This sounds a bit like Chuck E. Cheese's here in the US. It just doesn't serve beer. There is another place called Dave and Buster's that does serve beer, but it has more arcade games than anything.


  • Simon

    What do you mean 'do nothing'?

    There's the public meeting, a few songs and the study of the WatchTower (with selected bible quotes) followed by beans-on-toast before an hour or so walking the streets.

  • umtiger

    This past weekend I took my 5 yr old son to a B-Day skating party, yes Dad did skate, I haven't done that since Sunday night skating with the JW's when I was a Kid.
    We skated around for a while. I was right behind Dev(my son) watching closely. Then we go and play a few games Dev decides to play some more games after that he said he wanted to try to go around all by himself, so I said Ok go for it, and he did 4 or 5 times all by himself with Daddy watching nervously.

    He took a break and wanted to play some more games, then he decided
    he wanted to skate some more so I said, "Ok, lets go", when I was about to get on the floor he looks at me and says, "no Daddy I can do this I don't need you to help me", I was kinda proud and sad all at the same time.
    So off he went independence, confidence and all. I just stood back and watched the little guy, he was doin pretty good and goin' quite fast. They sure do grow up quick.

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