What the Black Sun and the red moon mean in Rev.?

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  • 607BCisAbigLIE

    In this tread, I will post comments about what is the meaning of the moon that becomes red as blood in the Revelation, and the sun that becomes black. Are those phisical signs? That is what we will discuss here.

    First, is it possible that the moon could become phisicaly red as blood, in its litteral sense? YES it can, and I am sure I won't teach anything new here.

    In a moon eclipse, when it is total, at its most total time, the moon, contrary as you could believe, is still visble. It is indeed a very beautifull event, one which is magical. in its peak time of the total ecplise, the moon take a deep redish color very alike blood's color. In the revelation, it is said that it is tainted in red. In reality it is true.

    But how can the moon be visible in a red color even when the eclipse is at its peak, and only then? The red color is obtain because of the filtering of the atmosphere of the earth reflecting to the moon. Go see this web site you will have a good look at how it looks: http://www.mreclipse.com/Store/TLE00/TLE00sequence.html

    So for the other sign it is easy to figure it out. A black sun is a total eclipse of the sun. The only problem I had was with the moon, cause I have never seen a moon eclipse. So I thought that the moon was totally invisible when it is hidden from the sun by the earth globe.

    For the interpretation of the revelation according to this, I will let full room to anyone who want to provide one, keeping in mind what I have already written concerning what is a red moon.

    See you soon!

  • Larsguy

    I think you are right on the button about both references being to an "eclipse" but also you must add that the stars fall out of the sky. This suggests this is symbolic. Since light represents knowledge and understanding, from the sun and moon and even the stars, this would suggest that "immediately after the tribulation of those days", meaning immediately after the holocaust, there would be an "eclipsing" of knowledge and understanding publicly coming forth for the next interval prior to the Messiah's 2nd coming which per Daniel 12 would have happened 45 years after the Jews returned to Palestine.

    The sun turning black, the moon red and the stars falling out of the sky relates to suppression of knowledge and critical understanding about the details of the second coming for most.

    Along these lines, even the ten virgins, both wise and foolish just before the Messiah arrives are said to "nod" to sleep. This indicates that even the wise virgins would not understand everything about the second coming and had to use their extra oil to be ready for the second coming and to understand it. Even so, the darkness continued for a while for the foolish virgins since the wise virgins did not share their precious oil with them, but told them to "go purchase it from those who sell it".


  • siegswife

    I was wondering if 'the stars falling from the sky' could refer to a meteor shower...we had one visible around here recently, and it does look like 'the stars' are falling.

  • 607BCisAbigLIE


    I think you are right on the button about both references being to an "eclipse" but also you must add that the stars fall out of the sky. This suggests this is symbolic.
    Sure it could be symbolic, but as siegswife has said, the fallout of stars couls be a meteor shower. Let me explain. In the most "dark" phase of a moon eclipse, the sky is not lighten by the moon cause it doesn't receive sun's light anymore (see an analogy here?). So it would be very easy to see other things that are usualy fainted out (although we do see sometimes falling stars (meteors)), like a big shower of meteor. But you are right on on the button (to use your expression ) when you say that it could be figurative of something else.

    I have another research after starting this thread. I have typed "jerusalem eclipse" in my search engine, because if it is to be a real sign in the heavens, it should be visible over jerusalem, not anywhere in the world. If it is said that every eye should see it, think of the wide distribution of information on the internet.

    In my research, I have noticed that the Israel and precisely Jews give a great importance over moon eclipses. Let me tell you that when they see a moon red like blood they want to hide themselves!!!!lol. Cause there is two part in interpreting the signs of the heaven. When we'll see it, it will mean something.

  • David Gladden
    David Gladden

    Sounds like the signs (including the mountain falling from the sky) would entail a Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, Meteor Shower, and a large meteor striking the earth.

    I'm an amateur astronomer and know for a fact that it is impossible for there to be a Lunar and Solar eclipse within the same day, or even the same month. These two events would have to be separated by at least six months.

    Now a meteor shower preceding a major meteor strike is certainly plausible. This could happen if the object was originally larger and broke up before it approached the earth. This could also happen if a comet hit the earth, but the comet would have had to orbit the sun at least once before hitting the earth... that way it would leave behind the particles for the meteor shower.

    If you ask for my opinion, I would say that the author was making reference to all of the most fear inspiring astronomical phenomena of his time, perhaps for the purpose of scaring people: It isn’t just a scary Lunar Eclipse... it isn’t just a scary Solar Eclipse... it isn’t just a scary Meteor Shower, and it isn’t just a scary large Meteor in the sky... it is ALL of them AT THE SAME TIME. That would scare the bageebees out anyone of his time period!

    When he was writing it, he must have sounded just like Jack Nicholson in Batman: “Wait’ll they get a load of me!”

  • MikeNightHaShev

    Usually prophecy is a warning for those in it's time who will recognize the symbolism or the hints and clues.
    Red is the color of sin- we know that.
    Rev Moon is one of the false prophets in our day who has become red with sin.
    The sun which becomes black (darkness) can still be reference to Rev SUN yung Moon but more so it's another man I can not divulge out in the open but he already killed a man, and as all mirror opposite balances he was therefore born the same year I was (I checked his birth year), and he is known as very vicious out of control with some power now which he is using to promote Samael (the man of poison) as a prophet and hero.

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