Ladonna, which is it???

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  • Julie

    Good morning Ladonna,

    As you may recall we had a brief exchange yesterday. You asked a few indignant questions regarding my whipping post and then follwed them up with inquiries as to why I am posting here having never been a JW, or something to that effect. I answered *almost* in kind, not quite a snotty as I took your post to be. You claimed my words to be so cruel you could hardly believe it (which I think a bit dramatic but you are entitled to your opinion). Anyway, I went back in, explained why I said what I said, how I had taken your post and tried to make amends and come to an understanding with you.

    Then I saw you in chat and decided to go even a step further in making sure that we understood each other and that there was no hard feelings between us, because I think it is the adult way to handle things. You assured me all was well and even thanked me for making the efforts to explain myslef so you'd better understand where I was coming from. I came away from both exchanges (chat and posts) with the feeeling we had overcome a mild understanding and all was well.

    Now I hear you were trash talking me in chat last night and one of your partisans (who I don't know from Adam) was quick to jump on the bandwagon. Inasmuch as this is not the sweet, undertanding, kind-hearted Ana we have seen so much of here on JWD I am compelled to ask for an explanation.

    A bit confused at the mixed messages coming from you,

  • unclebruce

    Careful Julie,

    Ladonna had me head down and arse up in the chatroom, covering my trouser snake with hot wax and striping away my manhood quicker than a bloke could cry farkel. I'm just saying watch your bum fluff Julie she's a wild one

    Oh look these folk are in chat right now: logical, Geordie, Sky, Julie, Tina, ladonna, Lilacs, Scully, gravedancer & funkyderek

    I guess they're all hugging each other and talking sex again .. oo should I join 'em? .. they could be having an almighty bitch fight .. geez, if only i wasn't so tired already .. (unc sleep typing out loud again)

  • Julie

    Spoke with Ladonna, all is well. Disregard this post.

    Oh and gravedancer (a.k.a. Msil) all is forgiven especially your blind loyalty to your friends.

    Regards to all,

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