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  • silentlambs

    I have decided to add a weekly update to when the dateline story might air. The latest info should go up each monday. Of course when I know for sure it will be posted there first. I am also adding an audio recording of Erica and fellow advocates speaking at the sentencing hearing of Manuel Beliz a convicted child molester. A transcript of the tape will also be provided, but you have to hear it it is very moving. Especially when you read the letters given to the judge in private by twenty nine JW's who tell about how much they love Manuel to be around their children and how zealous he is in service. Do you see something wrong with this picture?

    More stories added to victims page also.

  • hawkaw

    Thanks for your efforts Bill.

    It is a complete thrill to know you and in some cases work with you. I look forward to your updates.

    Keep up the great work.


  • TweetieBird

    Ditto to what Hawkaw said.

    Thanks Bill, Sheila and family.

    "I must stand up in search of the truth, if I don't I only roll with the flow of the lie and make it stronger.

  • gumby

    Your efforts are much appreciated bill. Thanks for pioneering this great task!

  • belbab

    Bill, your proposed weekly notice is certainly something that is needed. Silentlambs project since September has in my opinion has been obscured into the background somewhat.

    I believe there are things each of us can do, to show our anticipation for the dateline show. For example, my wife has relatives that are still JWs, this past weekend she finds out that her relatives know about the upcoming dateline show and know that pedophilia is a problem in the org. and are aware of a case in their own congregation. So if any still have contacts into the organization I think we can help to keep the anticipation alive.

    Where I am, I do not think I can get Dateline on our cable network. I have looked up Dateline TV on the search engine and come up with sites, but I wish to make sure I have the right site. There is one site that asks for feedback e-mails for the viewers questions and opinions etc. Now on Jan 11th as posted on this board, we are informed that there will be a program that exposes child abuse in some other religious community. Now if some of us can watch that program and then e-mail, thought and questions as to when JWs are brought up before public scrutiny, Dateline will know there exists a lot of interest in the subject. I believe that if victims could write it would carry a lot of weight. So my suggestion is that we do all that is possible to keep tha anticipation alive.

    I have posted an url here. Can someone verify for me whether this is the proper site to send messages to dateline?


  • anewperson

    Looks correct. Thanks, Bill.

  • ARoarer

    Belbab, good idea.
    Bill, we got a call last week from the producer, who is working on some things that I hope goes into this show. He said he will be keeping us posted regarding the airtime.

  • sf

    Here is the weekly schedule page for DATELINE specifically:


    Here is a choice of internet interaction before, during and after the air date:



  • silentlambs

    There is information on the sl datleine page as to how to contact dateline as well as how to get the video or transcript. The weekly update will be at the bottom of the page.

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