A mother's tears

by Yadira Angelini 1 Replies latest jw experiences

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    I wish I can express to all of you the agony of having a daughter join in the JWs organization.

    It has been nine years since I realized my oldest daughter was taken my youngest daughter to this cult. My oldest left the organization. My young one stayed.

    With the help of my older daughter, for the past three years, I and she has tried every stragedy our minds would concived, and all have been in vain.

    This year, I have come to the conclusion that all our efforts have make her go deeper into the cult. She is now working part time and has become a pioner with her mind set to scalate the 'glorious ladder' of the cliche group of her Kindom Hall.

    Yes, I have shed tears of pain, frustration, prayers, anxiety, and more pain and more pain.

    I see the fruits of our efforts as if we have pushed her deeper into the ocean. And that been the reason of wanting to post you tonight to let you know my next step: that if obviously what we have tried hasn't worked, maybe, if I let go and do nothing and let God do, things may change in God's time with His grace alone. I write to you because all of you have helped me walk tearful miles. And with out you out there, I would have despaired long ago. So thank you and I will let you know again in the future whatever happen with my loving daughter and how her reaction would be with my change of attitude. It may take years now before I post, but I promise, when things change with my daughter, I will let you know first hand.... love and prayers to all.

    PS, sorry about my English writting. My first language is Spanish.

  • rhett

    Go out and buy a copy of "Combatting Cult Mind Control" by Steven Hassan. That should be able to help you quite a bit.

    I don't need to fight
    To prove I'm right
    I don't need to be forgiven.

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