Who is Ellwood Johnson?

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  • VM44

    Who is Ellwood Johnson?

    All I could find mentioned about him is that he is, or was, a Circuit Overseer.

    This previous thread is about a talk that was actually given by Ellwood Johnson, not Samuel Herd.


    He also gave a talk in which people were laughing about some aspect of Child Abuse.

    So, does anyone know anything about him?

  • cappytan
    I had heard he was a District Overseer, but other than that and a few recordings of his talks I've seen, that's all I know about him.
  • _Morpheus
    I know ellwood personally. I would be shocked beyond words if he was ever laughing about child abuse.
  • _Morpheus

    Ok so i just read the thread you linked too.... Not only did ellwood give that talk, i heard him give it. im not the one who recorded it, but i heard him deliver it. Definatly ellwood.. Firery CO, was much higher up but rubbed Someone the wrong way at the branch and got busted back to CO. Hes reitred from the travling work and lives in baltimore now.

    For what its worth, johnson was the one CO i ever meet who actually cared more about the friends than the organizations rules. He is a genuine man who is trapped in a cult and really believes the nonsense, as many of us did. He acted with integrity and i never saw him care more for a position than doing the right thing. Im not trying to passionately defend the org (which i hate) only the man.

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