If you had the money what you do ...

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  • sleepy

    If you had the money what you do warn people of the "truth"
    I was thinking while on holiday of what money could accomplish in helping and educating people about the "truth".
    I though maybe an half page advert in the national newspapers , as witness would find it hard to resist reading it if they didn't know it was there before hand , maybe one every few week on a different subject.
    So in the first one it would read,
    Attention Jehovahs witnesses ,
    607 is now agread by most historians not to be the date of the fall of Jerusalem.
    Then you could have some info and a contact number.
    Every now and then you could have a different subject and as witness arent banned from reading newspaper they would be bound to come across it.This could stir up many questions in the congregation and give witnesses info that they carnt easilly come across without going against the society.
    Prehaps this can be done but it would cost a lot if it is to be noticeable in a newspaper.
    Maybe you could pay to have a TV programe done , but witnesses would know not to whatch it.

  • ISP

    This is more a serious thing than you might imagine! I would propose setting up a network of 'help' groups for exjws.
    'Tired? Fed up? Need someone to talk to? In trouble with the elders?' ring .......

    You could get space in local free papers and hopefully charitable status. I think every circuit should have an exjw help group. Problem is manpower...err person power! Money would also be a big deal! Also many exjws are alienated but do not know the truth about the WTS. They often feel a loyalty to it and feel they have failed the WTS..whereas the opposite is the truth. They need to be reached and helped.

    TV adverts are OK while they last. I think there has to be a permanent facility to help.


  • rekless

    historians have never agrred 607 was the fall of Jerusalem, most history books date it around 587 or 585, I can't remember but I am not going to look it up... I don't care any more because I know the JWs used that date and borrowered it from the Adventist religion just to make their 1914 the starting of the end of this system...

    If I had money I would move to South Dakota, put some cattle on our property , get some chickens, and grow a garden...and get the hell out of Dodge.We own property there, have to wait for our lease to be fulfilled in September....

    I don't want to waste anymore money because of the JWs pro or con.


  • ballistic

    whilst agreeing with your ideals (and I plan a web site when I've found my niche), you must remember that witnesses (as we did once) relish so called persecution and anything which they class as apostacy is seen as proof that they are the true religion. They say they base this on the bible but fail to notice that certain other groups are hated or disliked for reasons not mentioned in the bible.

  • Sky

    I dont think any amount of money would save them all...
    they wouldnt read it anyway
    PS Honestly, they would see it as you showing off you money, being "materialistic"....;)

  • Celtic

    Getting the funding to facilitate changes is not the problem at all, it is sourcing a committed bunch of individuals to work with that is the biggest uphill struggle.

    Email me if you like.


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