Circuit Overseers

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  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Crapola - Larry Barnette taught my pio-school in 1993 yup all sisters were naked in his eyes... I always felt like he looked DOWN at everyone

  • Tan Hai-chi
    Tan Hai-chi

    They are all under the control of the tower. What they do or say is of that mind set. Casino I think actually lost it. I think there is some Co's in the organization who are thinking they are doing good but realise they have only done damage when looking back. I believe Casino is one of them. Yeah and his wife was a bit ( saying this nicely) crazy.

  • minimus

    Eiben, I LOVE your name!!

    Rodrigues was/is a dickhead. I thought he felt like he was owed something because of his early life of not having much.

    John Casino was a throwback of the 50s. He and his wife loved the $$$ people and we tended to be their "friends" while they were in the circuit. actually, I was fond of him. He was a bit strange and weird but I think he was a heartfelt person although most couldn't stand him. I saw some qualities that were more human, more emotional.

    Dentler was a sing songy company man. He wasn't a bad guy, just a typical Society man. He followed the letter of the (society) law. I believe Fred and his wife have died.....I had met "Payne" in the Ass as he was called. EVERYONE I knew thought he was a condescending jerk.

    Illingsworth was a kewl guy. I became very friendly with him and we got together even outside of his DO responsibilities. He was quite social. I think he knew that not everything about the "Truth" was true but I understand he's a bigshot in Bethel now. At least he's got a place to love.

  • Magwitch

    Don Emshoff was one of my favorite personalities. I heard he recently got married after being single for 70+ years. Has anyone else heard this?

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    darth - I've had R.L. Jones before. I liked him but not everyone did. He could come out with some crazy stuff! I remember arguing with him over something and he's the only CO I've ever met who actually conceeded that he was wrong and apologized. I didn't know what to do!

  • minimus

    I couldn't stand Terry Angelacos. He went after POs like a hippo goes after a zebra. I heard he was in poor health. Good.

  • Eiben Scrood
    Eiben Scrood

    minimus - I agree that John Casino was a good guy. I think that he turned some of his talks into comedy shows just to keep things interesting and fun for him. I think his first talk he gave was on slang. I don't think there was really any point to the talk but it certainly was funny. I also remember his pointer that he loved to use. He twice counseled me on not having a "pioneer haircut" - LOL. His wife OTOH was just about universally disliked.

    Dentler did nothing for me. I remember though how infuriated I was when he insulted the intelligence of all in the audience by insisting that NOTHING had changed with the new 1995 generation doctrine. Gimme a break! That was the beginning of the end for me.

    Another name comes to mind - Don Amy and his wife Natasha. They were friends of my parents. Does anybody recognize their names?

  • Heaven

    Eiben Scrood, welcome to JWN! Like minimus, I love your user name. And luckily for me, at least, so far in this thread, I don't recognize any of these people -- Yay!

  • oldseeker

    I knew Dentler in his pre-CO days as a special pioneer. His first wife Loretta died of breast cancer. I think he remarried not too long ago. Condillis was interesting. Had him as a CO then a DO. His philosophy was (expressed to us in an elders meeting) if any of the friends have problems in their life just tell them to pioneer and all their problems will go away. He told a circuit assembly audience in Crownsville AH that "the hedge is down" and we are all fair game for Satan. Lot's of tears and fear after that one (it didn't help when I was telling everyone that we really never had a hedge around us in the first place).

    Jones was a character. He married a thirty-something sister in his 80's which prompted his immediate release as a DO. He gave a hall dedication talk after that wearing a tuxedo and a pair of white tennis shoes.


  • minimus

    If that's not rebellion, what is?? This Jones guy seemed funny, whoever he is!

    Anybody know a Chris Jones??

  • blondie

    Don Amy

    "Barbara Anderson has released her nearly 100-page commentary found on the CD, Secrets of Pedophilia in an American Religion, Jehovah's Witnesses in Crisis, for general distribution.

    Found in this Commentary are specific, extraordinary copies of court documents indicting Jehovah's Witnesses leaders as responsible for making it possible for multitudes of JW kids to be molested. As an example, read the letter from District Overseer, Donald Amy, to the Watchtower, as seen November 21, 2007 on NBC Nightly News, when the secret out-of-court settlement made by Jehovah's Witnesses with victims of molestation in February 2007 was discussed. "

    See page 30-35 in this document

  • dogisgod

    Anybody remember a Brother Fur (sp?) in the pacific NW in the 60's. I was really young but I remember people talking about him when he decided he was a remnant andhis wife was really pissed about it.

    Mostly I equated their "visits" as totally messing up the week, changing meeting nights etc. I didn't have anything much to do with them.

  • cognac
    Casino I think actually lost it.

    I heard that also. I heard he was depressed and wouldn't leave his bed for months. Anyone know what happened with him?

  • Mattieu

    Eiben, hello & welcome.

    A CO down under that was a large influence was Br Slaiman, he is no longer in the org, moved back to Sydney from Melbourne and faded due to differences with the society over dates and teachings, supposedly.

    JWfacts, hopefully you may know him as it was a big deal when he left the borg. Would love to get in touch with him.


  • metatron

    Yup, consider the word "simony". The Society brought up the issue of simony but (typically) failed to speak bluntly about its application.

    I bring this up because of Rodriquez and other egocentric itinerants who appear to exploit the Circuit Overseer 'system' by offering subtle favors to brothers who had money and could offer benefits to the C.O.

    Do you ever wonder why you see the same old brothers on the assembly program over and over? Do you ever wonder why Sister Welfare's kids get df'd in a heartbeat while Brother Elder-CashFlow gets every bit of mercy and understanding for his family problems? His weed smoking kid? His pregnant daughter?

    Enjoy your golf games, Brother "Rodricks". And the 'green' handshakes and the meals at the best restaurants.


  • changeling

    Thanks for the Dom Any link, Blondie. We had him as a DO. :)

  • asilentone

    magwitch, did you know that Bro. Emshoff is no longer in the circuit work, where did he get married? Do you know? By the way, he was my CO for a short time. He replaced the CO that was terminally ill. It was Joseph Scagloni (sp?)

  • cognac


  • zoiks

    Bttt again. I know there's another thread about Eastern U.S. COs, but I want to throw a few names out there to see if anyone recognizes these:


    Tim Friebus

    Eric Hermanson

    Ray Hayes

    Frank(?) Hans

    Terry Barnes

    There are more, I'd have to really jog my memory...

  • chickpea

    midwest representing here

    don sheldon... so "new" i had no idea wth was going on; when he came to my "study" (organized to accomplish brainwashing) he told me when out in FS it was never worth the time to argue with a trinitarian.... he had a memorable voice

    archie datok... wife mary, they were sorta fun; we hosted a dinner/game night for them and mary sent all the men and children away and told a very funny off-color joke..... they had to leave circuit work to take care of her parents or so i heard

    mark spencer.... kicked the BoE's collective ass because of the malaise in the congro... an elder we were friendly with let that cat out of the bag; i had broken my ankle in a motorcycle accident prior to a "CO" week and his wife (jane?) told me a few stories of her pre-b0rg life, riding motorcycles down country roads with "boys"

    rob burdges.... nice enough guy, cannot remember anything outstanding about him.... pretty sure his wife (annie?) was one of those "only drinks bottled water" types

    the last one before we faded completely was
    a japanese-american, tommy ????

    no clue since then

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