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  • TweetieBird

    In another thread I mentioned that I was having the in-laws over and going to tell them about the UN thing last night.

    Well, I didn't chicken out. I told her (mother-in-law) that the reason I wasn't going to meetings anymore was due mostly to the WTS hopping in bed with the UN. That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

    She was a bit taken back by the notion that "God's organization" would do that and without ALL the details of why they did it, if they really did) she couldn't really comment on it. But even if it were true, Jehovah will in time correct it. She wondered if it was okayed by the GB of which I gave the 2 names that applied for it.

    She asked me when "Brother Franz left the truth" which I thought was hysterical. In her mind it had to be the act of an evil apostate. I, of course, let her know that Ray Franz was disfellowshipped in the 80's and the WTS affiliated themselves in 1991/92.

    She also accused me of looking for an excuse to leave the organization, having apostate ideas, leaning on my own understanding, not trusting in Jehovah, etc. etc. etc. She felt that I was too judgmental of the organization and looking to impute wrong motives on the faithful and discreet slave.

    Much was said on her part, to try to reason with me, too much to convey at this time, but naturally the discussion came around to "where are you going to find another organization that bears God's name, preaches worldwide, etc." I wish I had been better equipped to provide some kind of thought-provoking answer, but in all honesty, nothing I could have said would have made any difference. She told me that she will support the organization no matter what, and that only if Jehovah audibly speaks from the heavens will she change her mind.

    One final thought for now, she did tell me that if I can find another organization/religion that proclaims God's name, doesn't teach the Trinity or Hellfire, or any other false doctrines, to let her know. She has "researched every religion" and has not found any that come close to teaching what's in the Bible.

    Thanks for letting me unload. I was really nervous last night. I really do love my mother-in-law, she has been a great friend to me. She eats, sleeps, breathes the organization. She is the most loyal witness I know, and truly lives the witness life, one of the few that is not hypocritical. I know that nothing that I say will ever change her thinking on the matter and I also know that she will not let this alone now. She will take every opportunity to try to change my thinking, and I realize that it will be done out of love. She told me that she is really scared for me.

    After she left, I was talking with my husband about the whole situation. He said that life was much easier not knowing the "real truth." We are at a point where we know too much and cannot go back. I feel like I'm in the Matrix.

    Any and all advice or comments are welcome.

    "I must stand up in search of the truth, if I don't I only roll with the flow of the lie and make it stronger.

  • Sirona

    Hi Tweetie

    I went through near enough the exact same thing. All the same arguments came up, and no matter how much proof you give, they dont want to know.

    Most of all, dont let it upset you too much. Even though you dont think you are getting anywhere, you are. My mum has recently admitted some of the things she doesnt like about JWs...even though shes still active. She says that she agrees with some of the things I say. This is after years of arguments and throwing insults about apostates, etc.

    She is still determined to stay JW, but I feel that my words have reached her in some way.

    I love the film the Matrix. I feel as though coming out of JW is like being born into the real world. (he he, its ok if Keanu Reeves is around!)

    As far as religions that use Jehovah as Gods name, there are some. I started a thread about this, but Im not sure what it was called. They referred me to some websites of religions that teach similar things to witnesses.


    ** http://www.religioustolerance.org **

  • Sirona
  • JT


    I sorry to hear what happen to you - not surprised though

    I only wish you had taken the opportunity to get some advice on how to approach a situtation like the one you had with telling family about the org-

    please don't take this as a Dog for it is not meant to be-- it is just i have been on the net for a number of years and you will not beleive have many times i and others have READ the exact same thing that you stated your mom said to you-

    what is has shown me is basically two things.

    1. the programming that high control groups do on their members result in what many dogged me for a few days ago a "Typical JW Mindset"

    what she said was the classic jw response to what you told her

    a few weeks back we talked about taking thier shopping cart and sure enough that is what she felt you were trying to do for she said:

    "if I can find another organization/religion that proclaims God's name, doesn't teach the Trinity or Hellfire, or any other false doctrines, to let her know"

    yes if you got another shopping cart that has the same or more stuff in it in her view give her a call is what she was saying-


    2. most former/questioning/almost out jw USE THE SAME TIRE OLD APPROACH in telling their loved ones and family about the info that they have come to find either on the net or thru research-

    and they are for the most part GETTTING THE SAME RESULT

    I firmly stand behind the view that the net is the key at this time where one can find out how others went about telling them

    it boils down to HOW IT IS DONE AND WHEN

    and sad to say for so many they get both wrong and the results many times are painful

    of course if one doesn't care what the response is from family then BLOW THEM OUT OF THE WATER-
    but if the reason we tell family is that we hope that they are willing to look further into what we have come to know

    then it is clear that the approach that so many use is not as effective as they want it to be.

    coming to a forum like this and seeking advice from those who have been successful is the key-

    at this point you must decide what you want to happen- if you push the issue further "at this time" it is a strong chance she will SHUT DOWN ON YOU - more jw today are willing to keep open lines of commncation despite knowing that you question wt- must be due to getting tired themselves- smile

    i would suggest to leave it alone at this time since she has shown her strong desire not to accept anything anti-wt

    there are a number of folks here who as you will see can offer a wealth of insight since each persons case is different.

    just my 2


  • outnfree


    James wrote

    i would suggest to leave it alone at this time since she has shown her strong desire not to accept anything anti-wt
    I agree.

    The next time you get together and she tries to save you from yourself, say something like "Mom, I know your motive is pure love, and I appreciate that, and I love YOU. But can we please just agree to disagree about this for now?"

    The 'for now' is important, as it will make her feel like you are not forever and always rejecting the WT, and also for you as it gives you immediate breathing room and also time to formulate a tailor-made plan.

    Wishing you the best,


    It's what you learn after you know it all that counts -- John Wooden

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