Do you live in the real world?

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  • highdose

    I just read an article about increasing numbers of people who spend their time online rather than off line. Their freinds are online and not physicaly there as well.

    THen i started thinking about the dubs, who live in a fanstay of paradise coming soon etc etc

    Do you live in the real world?

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I've always considered myself living it the real word. Public schools, competitive sports, college, etc. My work was highly technical and lots of interaction with various types of people. Even my time in the JW's was the real world. Got to interact with highly religious people of the same mind and the FS got you in touch with people of various religious views. Have travelled extensively to different cultures. Have lead people in the workforce and in personal business.

    Never seen this online world coming. I am becoming more an online person now. Make my living being online now. It's to the point where I have to force myself to go out and do the things that use to be common and routine. I'm up for making new online friends if anybody wants to shoot me a PM.

    Think About It

  • The Berean
    The Berean

    I believe that "everything is fake." Reality is too fatalistic ...

  • dissed

    I've noticed Highdose that when I spend a lot of time online, that it becomes harder to break the ice and get started in social situations.

    Then I have to force myself to keep the conversation going.

    Even on here, it can be easier to just watch the banter go on between others and not get involved.

    I've got some minor surgery coming up in two weeks, then six weeks of recovery and no work. That should make me into a JWN Zombie.

  • leec

    There is no "Real World" ... except on MTV of course. ;)

  • flipper

    Do I Live in the real world ? Let me check. Yep, just pinched myself. It hurt. LOL ! Yeah, I live in the real world. I'm here. I actually exist

  • shamus100

    I find with my line of work, doing nothing, I spend more time on line because of excruciating boredom. i.e. right now I'm on call, sitting at home getting paid waiting for a phone call. Can't really go anywhere, bored as hell, and here I sit.

    During a previous career I had no time for the net and didn't even visit here for two years. Another six months and I'll be off to yet another job and you probably won't hear from me again.

    Holy shit, am I bored.

    But the answer? No, I prefer real life to online life.

  • Twitch

    Is it (online) any different than talking on the phone? (In terms of being "real")

    Also, is anything you post, read, enjoy, freakout or participate on this board real then?

  • beksbks
    Do you live in the real world?

    Not if I can help it!

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I've often supposed that you're all just simulations on my computer screwing with my head.

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