Did the Governing Body pull a "Moses" and not get reprimanded?

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  • sabastious

    As most of us know, the story of why Moses did not get to enter the promise land is as follows:

    The Iraelites were b*itching again about not having enough water so Moses took them to a seemingly dry place and cracked a large rock like thing and water started to come out; he took 100% credit for the Miracle. Because of this deceit Moses was severely punished. He was not allowed to enter the Land of Milk and Honey as a result.

    I have always thought that this was a bit harsh of a response from Jehovah, but that is not the point. The question is have the Governing Body done the same thing?

    They have taken credit for the in depth interpretations of vague scripture in Revelation as well as countless other parts of the Bible. They, at the time, presented it as an interpretation that was to be taken without question, which later proved to be false and had to be changed.

    It is a very bold thing for the GB to demand UNQUESTIONING LOYALTY when even Moses did not get to enjoy such a gift from Jehovah.

    In fact, not even Jehovah himself demands such unquestioning faith. Moses, Abraham, Lot and Gideon all offered BOLD questions to Jehovah's face. Would it not be reasonable to assume that he would encourage questioning, even bold ones at times, to his "channel of communication"?

    Another point; What happens if the GB decides to go completely mad with power? Jehovah had setup in the days of the Israelites that when their leader jumped the gun, he was severely punished. Can we say the same for the GB? No way, in fact if they want to go crazy and mad with power (which is possible with anyone if Moses did it) they will have no one to answer to until the end of the world?

    And these men are DEMANDING unquestioning loyalty? I am seeing holes here.

    Jehovah DID say that you ARE NOT to rebel against his appointed servants. But in the Bible followers of Jehovah's servants ALWAYS knew that justice would be served if his "representative servants" decided to take the law into their own hands.

    So here we are, with leaders who can become oppressors and dictators at ANY TIME, and we are bound by God's Law not to rebel? Hmmm.

    In the history of Humankind, how do dictators and oppressors lose power not due to divine intervention?

    Think the French and American Revolution. The people got fed up, they rebelled, not because they were evil and didn't respect authority, but because it WAS THE ONLY VIABLE OPTION for survival.

  • diamondiiz

    GB are a fraud from the start. From Russell to Rutherford all the way to today their BS gets bigger and bigger by each passing year. New light on the generation is just the latest interpretation that's totally crazy but as long as there is enough dumb down people out there that won't question them they will continue to hold power over the masses.

  • LongHairGal

    Good post Sebastious, Have they spoken presumptuously? You bet. Even the true God allowed Himself to be questioned. But not these power hungry guys. They give a new meaning to the term arrogant. I wonder if they even believe in God because they act as if they have no fear. Either they are bluffing or are seriously deluded. I am sorry for anybody who is taken in by them.

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