JWs: Hedging Their Bets?

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Hi all,

    This is directed at long-time JWs. It's quite apparent to me as an observer of the movement for more than 50 years, that JWs are nowhere near as obsessed with the imminence of Armageddon as they once were.

    When I was young, I would notice attractive young JW girls would wear ``AAA' (``Available After Armageddon'') badges at assemblies. These days, it's rare to hear them talking about postponing marriage or childbearing, nor do they denigrate life insurance or contributing to pension plans as much as they did.

    What say you?

  • DIM

    i'd agree with those statements. my "lukewarm" friends in my present congregation go to university, see R rated movies, buy houses, hope to get married, drink alot.....but get really freaked out if i try to show them information that goes against WTS theology. Very frustrating.

    i'm sick and tired of hearing things from uptight-short-sighted-narrow minded hypocritics. all i want is the truth just gimme some truth - John Lennon

  • JT

    ROOM well stated point

    i know of jw that are having Phony christmas and new years parties- they go to clubs, casinos, they are playing the lottery- and they are refusing to turn folks in for immorality to the elders now

    these are not kids or teens-- but 20-30 yr adult jw

    my wife and i often speak of how the jw today is simply getting tired

    they are not very supportive of field service or meetings

    i know of 2 halls right now that have combined 5 and 7 bookstudies respectively to make on LARGE book study on sat

    they thought that it would help- IT MADE THINGS WORSE

    with only 1 elder and 1 ms needed to conduct the super size books study many of the elders are telling their MS assistance to take care fo their portion of the bookstudy for service

    so you will only have 1 elder out and 5 or 6 ms

    they thought that by having it before service they could make the friends feel guilty about leaving right after WRONG

    they get up and leave anyway after the prayer

    thier zeal is all gone due to wt being Date based faith

    i mean let's be honest about it the wt has taken the following words and made them completely MEANINGLESS


    THOSE words have no meaning at all in wt world today

    how sad

  • its_my_life2001ca

    Hi Roomie

    I think in some situations it's a case of observation. They look at some who sacrificed personal goals for the sake of the kingdom and now have very little to show for it. Many of my personal friends pioneered and specialled for many years, most of us marrying late and none of us having children, save myself who inherited 2 from my husband's previous marriage.We used to talk glowingly of our pioneer experiences but memories are not enough to grow old with.They see the financial stress we are under, concerned for our retirement, lack of fulfillment for not having tapped into our talents in pursuing some type of career which would have added another dimension to our lives.Mind you they are growing up in a world that says you have to have it all now so after a token year of pioneering they go for it. In spite of the society trying to rein in it's members, many are pushing ahead to pursue happiness.


    To all those lurkers in attendance, look, look at these points and responses.

    It becomed obvious to see those people that based their faith and hopes on an organisation run by man rather than on someone that wouldnt have dissapointed them.

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