Aposto-Fest, Nawlin's Style!!!!

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  • bigboi

    Well, it sorta was like one.

    I just had the pleasure of meeting the hilarious Six of Nine here in New Orleans. Seems ol boy had some work to do down yonder and was gracious enough to invite the Bigster out for a drink.

    Six is much more laid back in person than he comes across on the board. That is until he gets a few drinks in him. After that it was on!!!! Nah, I'm just kiddin! All we had time for was a quick drink and conversation then he ditched me for the chick upstairs waitin in his room! Yeah, he's pretty smart too!

    Needless to say Nawlins is highly reccommended by Six as the site for the next Aposto-Fest. He made me promise to tell everyone about his mackin skillz and the drinks they make down here. So all the apostates out there lookin to gt laid and drunk, try to come down!

    Well, it was a pleasure to meet the guy and I'm lookin forward to meeting others from the board. Anytime y'all are in the area and wanna hookup, give me a yell. If I got the time it's yours.



    "it's like the one thing we all have in common is that we
    got played by a cult and a bunch of old men and no matter what it will
    always be a part of us no matter how much we distance ourselves from it"
    ~ Ghostquote

  • Valis

    let me know about nawlins Apostafest, will hop a bus or get on plane ASAP.....

  • flower

    let me know too...i'd definately be interested! love new orleans! just not in july..too hot.


  • Commie Chris
    Commie Chris

    I might be in nawlins in early Feb.

  • Nannygoat

    Ohhh! N'awlins sounds like a lot of fun! Only been once on a business trip and I didn't get to have any fun...just work.

    But SixOfNine is pretty cool! Great sense of humor and awesome twinklin' eyes...always makes him look like he's up to something. Oh wait. He usually is up to something.

    When is Mardi Gras? Could we have it then? That would be like THE apostates apostofest! Heehee!


  • teejay

    Sounds like y'all had too much fun. Sorry I missed it.

    This thread reminds me of one of the cool things about being a witness. No matter where you went, you could find people who you felt you knew because of shared experiences.

    Well... because of JW.com, board members can do the same. As Martha Stewart would say, it's a good thing.


  • Perry

    I used to wake up every morning and see SixofNine's twinkling eyes back in the 80's. I'm so jealous! As I remember, I left Six in a hot tub full of cute sisters and the next thing I knew, he was moving out.


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