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  • teenyuck

    Since you are both rabid JW's:

    Armageddon: What is your belief of how your life will be immediatly following armageddon? What is your belief of how your life will be within 1-5 years of armageddon?

    When I ask this, I am asking of quality of life. What will you eat? What will the animals eat? Where will you live?

    Please do not quote scripture. I can get that myself. What is your firm, deeply held belief on your life?

    This is a serious post.


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  • TheOldHippie

    Interesting question; being one of the "stubborn" ones, I feel it is a question for me, too. I do not think it will mean living on as if nothing had happened. If close to the whole world around you falls to pieces, it should have a small effect on oneself, too ......
    I would tend to imagine like living a hundred years ago in a rural area, with no electricity, a house in need of repairing etc. Or if one is in some sort of a camp for some time, and then helping each other with building a "first-generation" house. I have often wondered at all the cows and horses and sheep and goats (I am not trying to be funny) and hens which are more or less trapped in farms and in need of being fed, milked etc. In my area, it would be a hundred cows to each person as of today, and I sure would not be able to milk a hundred cows a couple of times a day ......
    Slowly, conditions would improve. But I do not think we would ever see cities or living conditions like today anymore. Speaking like an environmentalist or "green" man, we ought to have stopped the development quite a few decades ago, when it was all more recyclable, and not as ruining as it is today.
    But then, we may all be way, far out. Things may suddenly change in a way we had never expected, and we can look back at say that hey! why did I not think of that? Of course it had to be this way and not that stupid way that I imagined.

  • SYN

    This is another thing that has always vexed me. What if there was a thriving human colony on the moon when Harmageddon arrived? Hmmm?

    This is an essential failing of the credibility of the Bible. If God knew that we could live on the moon one day, he would have extended the scope of Harmageddon to cover it too. But from what you read in the Bible, everything involves ONLY the Earth.

    Conclusion: Let's get our asses in gear and build a moon/mars colony, so we don't get swept away with the rest of the 'goat class' during whatever the hell Harmageddon is. We're pretty safe on the Moon, according to the Bible, as it's not even mentioned.

    And don't tell me God is everywhere...the Bible was obviously inspired and written by PEOPLE, who couldn't even conceive that we would be able to live on another world in the future. In fact, they didn't even really know much about other worlds in general. They thought the world was flat.

    Oh boy, lemme guess, you're going to bring that 'circle of the Earth' argument to fore now. Yup, as I was expecting. Sigh.

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  • TheOldHippie

    Count me in! Whereto shall I send the funds for the construction of the rocket ship?

  • d0rkyd00d

    from what my World History teacher told me last year, nobody actually ever believed the earth is flat. that's just a rumor.

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