Life after death.

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  • ballistic

    Since leaving my life as a JW, I have often wondered about life after death, and have come to the conclusion that it is highly improbable that man was given life in order to conemplate what happens after death. Also, I have never seen any evidence for life after death. What I do see is that when one is severely brain damaged, it reduces a capable and dignifyed human into a block of chemical reactions within a combination of material substances. This you can see, life after death you cannot.

  • COMF

    What made me realize that we are purely physical creatures, not a spirit being housed in a physical body, was discovering how drugs function in the brain to cause changes in emotions and behavior. Electrical currents properly placed can do the same thing.


  • 607BCisAbigLIE


    You are correct. Indeed, drugs can alter drastically our behaviour, in changing the chemical reactions into our brain, or by destroying definitively our brain cells.

    But that doesn't mean we don't have a spiritiual part in our body. I see the brain as a connection between the phisical and spiritual mind. Surely if you phisical mind is altered, you spirit will also be. They are not separated between each other. They work together in close collaboration. I believe that when we die, the connection between our spirit and our body is broken. So the brain has no more influence over our spiritual being.

    In the Bible, it is said that the flesh is sinner. It corrupts the spirit because of that interconnection. And it said also that at our death, the spirit returns to God, and cannot be corrupted anymore by the flesh.

    So for the afterlife, I believe that we all go to Heaven, cause the flesh cannot wear incorruptibilty, cannot enter the God Kingdom, which is in Heaven, cannot wear Perfection. Only the spirit can wear incorruptibility, perfection, and can enter the God's Kingdom. So the WT teaching of an afterlife on earth cannot be true according to scriptures, because the flesh cannot be disassociated from sins, and it is also said in the Scriptures that the wage of sin is death. That is why we have to resurect into a spirit to obtain eternity. But I'm not here to tell you what to believe in. No one will be forgotten at his death. Even the ones who do not believe in an afterlife.

    Although I believe in a afterlife, I am among the ones who say: "anyway we'll see after our death what is to believe and what is not."

    It is understandable that those who have left the WT and its teachings, can hardly still believe in a afterlife, no matter where we will live after our death. It is the fault of cults like this one, because of their false interpretation of the Scripture, that we are to believe that the Bible isn't the book that it was told that it was, God's Word. Don't blame the Bible, though, blame it on the ones who interpret it to make it say what it doesn't say, only to serve their purpose of controling the mind of their followers to make more adepts and more money, and not teaching the true message of the Bible.

    But I feel it is ok to not believe in it, as long as your life is a good one, maybe even if it is a bad one.

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