Argentina? New victim of the "thing disgus...

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  • enricofrassinetti

    Economy of all the world are in danger.
    Another victim of the "thing disgusting that is causing desolation", is the Argentina.
    The wild beast, with his economic system, would want have all his slaves, with the debt cards "forcing self-debit".
    Around the world, this is his project.
    Mens of the beast, would want give a number code, fixed to all people of the world, for be marked with his invisible mark 666, because the monetary crash is very very near.
    The coins of all the nations of the world, proximately, will be eliminated, because his intrinsic value cease with the crash of the world production.
    One international recession, is causing all this . (Revelation 16:2).
    The bar-code is his precursor, but proximately, the possibility of eat and drink, will be possible only for his possessors.
    Only method for christian survival,without accept his mark 666,is to escape from it, giving power to another economic system with our electronic international coin.
    Jehovah's Witnesses,those real,are ready for to go against his project.
    From Italy we are preparing the bases for this.
    In 23 nations we are present with the society, but proximately, will be ready all our project for redistribution of the wealth and of the income, denominated (Alpha & Omega).
    If do you desire, visit our Web Site

  • fodeja

    Don't bogart that joint, my friend.


  • lauralisa

    Pass it over to me!

  • Valis

    Ummm....someone has been freebasing the Watchtower again....must be ink from pscho pictures...

  • Englishman

    Ain't English a wonderful language?


    Bring on the dancing girls!

  • unclebruce

    ((((enricofrangapani!!))) my old chat buddy,

    How are you going over there in euro land? Time to paper your walls with lire. lol. See I told you not to invest in Argentinian oil. They're just getting a karmic thump for trying to enslave the Faulkland Islands

    cheerio, unclebruco

  • enricofrassinetti

    What have you said? I have not understood!!!!!

  • enricofrassinetti

    Well Cherio

    The King of the Nord now with his image, is started, but must be for little time.

    Broverly agape love.

  • unclebruce

    It is OK enrico-francs-apanic,

    I just give you a big italian kind of hug and say you should use your lire for paper on the wall of house that belong to you.

    I also say Jehovah punish Argentina for being nasty to English people!

    esspresso cappicino mortadella cachattori chinotto mozzarella, unclebruzo

    (if only pasano ballerina Valentina come here today)

  • moman

    Must have some good WEED in Roma?

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