Son handed me a Pamphlet today!

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    Didn't know how to react. Seeing as to how I've been trying to "Love Bomb" him and trying to bring out his original persona by having him talk about old times with our hobbies, etc. I just said not interested........I said I've lost faith in all Religions. I said Religion just causes wars and makes people crash planes. He didn't say much, just said well read it over, it's an invite for you to come.

    Normally I'd rip it up and tell them to piss off.

  • _Morpheus
    The best policy, imho, is what you did.... Don't overreact. Offer your view, smile and move on. Fighting the cult mindset isnt won through overt punchs, its encouraging the things you mentioned, free thought being the most critical. I get miles better results with my kids when i simply ask them "what do YOU think" and reafrirm any answer that isnt the cults. Him offering you a tract is no big deal. He maybe didnt want anything more than to see how you would react or maybe he just wanted to reach out to you and that was an easy way that came to mind. Offer to do something with him that saturday immediatly after the memorial.

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