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  • Missie Eff
    Missie Eff

    Don't come to this corner of the site often, but wow! what a gem I found when I read this post this morning!
    I am a practising writer of poetry (in that I have been writing for years). I hope to publish some of my work soon - just sorting out my body of work.
    I loved Audrey's phrase "out of the kingdom". For me this was a really powerful image. One of the great things about poetry is that it is so immediate - feelings can be conveyed either covertly or intensely and a really good poem leaves me with the feeling that someone has been walking this road with me. This poem did it for me!

    Your comments about Genesis remined me of some lines by Carol Ann Duffy in her poem Mrs Darwin (from her anthology The World's Wife)

    7 April 1852.
    Went to the Zoo.
    I said to Him -
    Something about that Chimpanzee over there reminds me of you.

    Great 6 liner from Naeblis. Sums up a lot in a small space!

    Ashi and Bobsgirl also rang a bell with me. We have a real poet's community here!

    I'll leave you with an offering. Comments much appreciated.

    Where to the answers lie?
    Who holds the book?
    What is the reason why?
    Where do I look?

    Why do the questions come?
    Why no resolve?
    Why are the answers undone?
    Why no control?

    Can't I know the wider scheme?
    Am I not a soul?
    Can't I wake from this dream?
    Can I not be whole?

    Can't I find the open road?
    Can't I know the route?
    Can't I shed this uncertain load?
    Can I not know the truth?

    But could I handle the fabric of days?
    Could I know its size?
    Could I really understand the way
    the path of truth lies?

    Thanks for listening to me guys.

    Much love.

  • Audrey

    Wow, Missie Eff,

    What a neat poem! And you've been writing for years . . .that's wonderful. You're really good and the way you express your appreciation for the power of a poem is so meaningful to me.

    I've put another on my thread about the JWs and my exit. I hope you get time to read it.

    Best regards!

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