Firpo Carr is a Prophet

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    Browsing the net, apparently there was an interview with Jehovah's Witness Firpo Carr, here he states:

    "I've been called everything from a visionary, to a prophet, to a holy man," says Carr , a former computer engineer with IBM and systems analyst at the LAPD , and the author of books such as Are Gays Really `Gay'? - a bold thesis whose chapter-headings include: "Benjamite Buggery" and "What Constitutes a Cure?"Earlier this year Firpo turned up in Bahrain wearing a thobe tunic, giving joint lectures on comparative religion with Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine, an orthodox Muslim.

    I'd been dealing with Dr Carr via his office in LA - premises, he'd said, which were "not suitable" for a meeting.Instead he agreed to talk in my hotel room in West Hollywood.

    I'd expected a soberly dressed zealot carrying a pile of Watchtowers (the Jehovah Witness's proselytising magazine) but Carr arrives in jeans, a loose-fitting Tahitian shirt and a Walkman. Firpo - who is 50, but looks 10 years younger - is bright, engaging, and good-humoured.As you might expect from a collector of historic dictionaries, there's a slight preciousness about his language - he's fond of phrases like "if you will", and prefers "refrain", or "cease" in places where, for most people, a simple "stop" would do.

    On his website is a partial picture that reads "A prophet's Warning":

    He also referrs to Former WItness Jerry Bergman:

    "Because he is a low life," says Carr, "and he thinks I am the Antichrist." Bergman, whose website has a somewhat hysterical tone, does make one interesting point in relation to Carr's defence of Jackson: as a Jehovah's Witness, Carr is not supposed to frequent people who, like Jackson, have been disfellowshipped.

  • jookbeard

    one thing Carr is not is a "prophet", I even thought he was no longer a Dub after losing his Dub in good standing status because of his claptrap writings.


    I've been called everything from a visionary, to a prophet, to a holy man," says Carr

    The WBT$ must love this guy..Not!..

    An egotistical JW Bullshit Artist they can`t shut up..

    The WBT$ deserves him..


    ............................. ...OUTLAW

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