Finally Free - Where Are You?

by RAYZORBLADE 9 Replies latest jw friends


    Greetings folks. Yes, it's been eons since I've stuck my nose in here. Many of course, won't have a clue who I am; maybe that's a good thing.

    Anyways, I am posting this because I know (Finally Free) posts here regularly, but recently I haven't heard a peep out of him for several days. I have called and messaged him, but no answer which for me is very disconcerting. It may seem trivial to some, but he's VERY GOOD friend of mine and aside from posting here, I am going to go over to his home.

    Let's hope he's alright. If any one of you have heard from him, kindly post a follow-up or send me a message. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Or, better yet: reply here Walter. Let us know you're alright!

    Thanks everyone.

  • shamus100


    He posted thirteen hours ago.

    Maybe from a crackberry or something.

    I know, I'm awful. As soon as I got unemployed, I came back here. Starting Monday I get a life again, of sorts.

    Take care, and let me know how the coming out west plans are going.

  • shamus100

    Maybe he has a girlfriend now??


    Hey Shamus: that's possible.

    Thanks for the follow-up. Maybe his phone is on the fritz.

    I'm going over just in case.

  • mouthy

    Razorblade ... Well where the hang have YOU been.... I wondered about you
    Let us know what you find out about finallyfree
    Missed ya!!!!


  • Finally-Free

    I still exist!!!

    Sometimes, when under stress, I tend to disconnect from the world and maintain a minimum of outside contact. Some people go on weekend getaways or vacation in the tropics. I keep it simple and unplug my phones.

    I was much worse when I was a teenager. Sometimes I'd vanish for weeks or even months at a time. Several times police found me and informed me that I was a "missing person". lol

    I saw Ray a couple of hours ago so he knows all is well.

    It's nice to know that, when the time comes, I won't lie here dead for several months before someone thinks of checking.


  • shamus100


    We're glad the 'Bird Man Of JWD' still is alive.

  • Robdar


    How are ya, luv?

    If you are looking for finally free, he's been here recently. He should pop back in.

    Edited to add: I see he has already responded to your post.


    Hello everyone: Mouthy, Robdar (names I haven't seen in ages: but I do remember you).

    Yeah, I'm rarely here (no surprise). I was a bit concerned about Finally Free - and figured he might've posted on here recently; thanks to Shamus for the updated post (that was hilarious, actually).

    Yes, he's fine. I went to his street and walked up toward his house and he drove right by me. You can't believe how relieved I was. But, I believe that's what friends are for: never take anyone for granted. I couldn't sleep, so I had to go over and make sure he was alright. He was! But as he stated, everyone gets to a point where they've had enough of 'telephones ringing/answering machines'.

    Finally Free, never has to worry if he'll be laying anywhere without anyone checking-in on him: no way.

    He'd do that for me!

    Thanks for the kind salutations.

    Bye for now.

  • mouthy

    WHEW!!! Glad to hear that....

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