Cyber Witnessing - Cyberpios!

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  • WuzLovesDubs

    LOL!! I cant tell which ones of these comments are real and which ones are you guys...but this was funny :) And Im sure BELIEVED

    Cortez Bloom commented on Watchtower's wall post:
    "i agree we should be spiritually mature...not babes..well equiped to defend our 
    faith. as said above not easily mislead
    we should be confident in our faith. ready to give a witness if need be. FB is a 
    great way to get time in field service. just think of all the people we can 
    reach. I was out in service today and wasnt able to share the goodnews with 
    fb is a great way to share the goodnews especially on days when it's below zero 

    Jacqui Stein commented on Watchtower's wall post:
    "Now that is something I hadnt thought of before , counting time on FB . Wow , I 
    can imagine the admins on the other WT site will have sooo many hours , they 
    will soon be climbing the theocratic ladder , maybe CO , or even greater ! What 
    a priviledge that would be for them !!! I heard that the first thing the CO does 
    when he visits is to look at everyones report card to see how much they are 
    doing in Field service ."

    Lorraine Catherine Barrie commented on Watchtower's wall post:
    "Yes, my fine bros. and are all correct. We should be able to 
    come onto the internet to bring the good news to people and also to 'defend' our 
    faith too. After all, isnt this where most people are these days?   We are always 
    being counselled in our Hall to try and go out in the ministry at a time where 
    people are most likely to be in, but that usually means very early in the 
    morning or in the evening when its cold and dark.   This way, on the internet, is 
    just perfect! You dont even have to leave the house to count your time. 
    Personally, I think this is the way to go.   There are hoards of people on 
    here....all potential Bible Studies. I think I am going to embrace this form of 
    witnessing......cyber witnessing.   Im going to become a cyber pioneer.....a 
    regualr long as I keep eating my porage.....that keeps me   "

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