Watchtower Facebook Page Part 2

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  • treadnh2o

    The last thread turned into an apostate war which I found highly entertaining and did not want to hijack the direction it is going in.

    However, what has completely tickled my fancy is the fact that almost 20,000 JW's are publicly thumbing their nose at the G.B. counsel about these social sites. These members have somehow justified in their minds their being there. The Administrators have takn the position of being able to judge who is and is not an apostate. There are many currently members of this group that are "closet apostates" and have not and will not be identified. Yet the Administration has assumed the responsibility of "protecting the sheep". Just a thought, If he/they were such spiritual giants, THEY WOULD NOT BE THERE! Instead of trying to justify the site. Just a thought, but if Facebook for JW's was so neccesary, wouldnt the WBTS have their own page.

    I hope the Elders, CO, DO and Branch committe come down on these clowns who are running the site! That is unless the administrators are really apostates, which could be the case if they are so willing to ignore athe direct counsel from the "faitfhul slave".

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Actually the key to the 20,000 is how many are trying to expand their social network and horizons? I cant help but believe similar to assemblies and conventions, how many of that number are as we use to say 'scoping and hoping.' With the advent of a site like facebook coupled with there being a 'watchtower group' or fan page, how many are looking for friends to get to know and express themselves.

    We know that the group page is a love fest for all things jehovah and watchtower, but, how many are just scheming the list and searching for thoseof a like mindset?

  • donny

    I wonder myself about the validity of their dedication to the organization as well. Some of the posts just seem to be overly GB oriented.

    Nelson Birdwell Yes, I am looking into the possibility of deducting my computer and cable modem expenses as contributions for religious purposes. 3 hours ago · Report

    Richard Allen Hartner I just got in from field service. 3 hours in the rain! It was fun, placed 1 set and I've been inviting people to the memorial. Time to work on the house. Have fun all.
    Nelson Birdwell For example, he said about 1975, which never really happened, and he talked about organ transplants. Please, I know of 2 different members of my local congregation who had kidney transplants and were just fine. No one shuns them. Nelson Birdwell Please, sisters... I understand that you are curious, and that is fine, but the Brothers have discussed this and really don't see a need to pursue the subject any further. I am sure you understand, as you are a sister in the congregation, correct? Everyone has a head, I answer to the Slave Class who answers to Jesus who answers to Jehovah. You, being female, are to answer to the men. I am sure if you ask your husband about this he will agree. And we have finished this discussion. Let's try to keep this biblical.

    “The head of the Christ is God,” just as “the head of a woman is the man.” (1 Corinthians 11:3)

    Of course, when a man makes a final decision that does not conflict with God’s law, a woman shows her subjection by supporting it.—Acts 5:29; Ephesians 5:24. ... See More Yesterday at 5:13pm · Report
  • Quillsky

    Respectfully I disagree with you, treadnh2o. I hope the organization doesn't come down hard on the 20,000 people bucking the rules. Good for them, despite the inane drivel some of them post on that wall.

    I'll repeat the essence of what I said in a PM here to a fellow "apostate" poster on the Watchtower group. We identified one of the mods down to his congregation and telephone number and my co-boardist asked whether I think he should be outed to his congregation or circuit overseer.

    I believe absolutely not. We don't play by the rules of the organization, and first prize would be to get him questioning and ideally reading and posting here.

    So, Robert de Jong, if you ever find your way here, a very warm welcome to you!!

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    The demonizing of FB has just started in the last few weeks hasn't it? Even though it goes through the JW rumor mill, most will not delete their account until they hear it for themselves at their assembly. A way of holding on till the very last moment. Even then, hopefully most will ignore the BS.

  • brizzzy

    Nelson Birdwell?

    Is this the same Nelson Birdwell whose grandsons (including Nelson Birdwell III) became Neo-Nazi skinheads and killed their JW parents back in 1995? I'm assuming it must be... that's not a common name at all. How many JW Nelson Birdwells can there be?

    (Notwithstanding, I read this guy's douchey, misogynistic crap and want to punch his face in.)

  • kurtbethel

    This Nelson Birdwell is over the top with goofing on sappy JW posts. He is apparently mocking them, but they can not see that.

  • moshe

    Based on website stats, I think hundreds, maybe even a thousand JW's from Facebook have followed the short lived links that were posted back to JWN. Once they start reading the topics here they won't be able to stop. I think that many of these 20,000 Facebookers are unhappy JW's(despite their pollyana postings) and just lack a few pieces of the puzzle to explain why they are feeling depressed.

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