OK, I may be about to start writing another (JW related) novel

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  • JeffT

    I'm working on getting the first one ready to go to publish on demand, and when my historical novel gets back from my proofreader it will get shopped to agents. I'm working up plans for a sequel to that, but I won't write until I know if anybody is interested in it. I've received some positive reaction to "Armageddon's Disciples" but the subject matter - a fictitious religion that drinks the kool-aid seems to be a bit obscure.

    So I think the next project (its an ongoing hobby that gives me something to do that doesn't involve alcohol) will be something of an old fashioned mystery centered in a JW congregation. My working title is "Waiting for Armageddon" and it is set about 1980. I'll have some real world background - Jimmy Carter, Reagan running for President, gas shortages, hostages in Iran and a good sound track if you like '80's music. More immediately there will be some people disillusioned with the 1975 thing, others who have doubled down on the assumption that the big A is due any minute, some meddling elders, and the investigating cop's neighbor is a DF'd witness who offers advice on why these people don't want to talk about the body that was found in the Kingdom Hall. (A shout out - somebody suggested this on this board a few years ago, I can't remember who you are).

    Question: a couple of elders come down to the hall on a non-meeting night for a JC, the third member of the commitee is the dead guy. What are the odds they call Legal before 911?

  • Quillsky

    Have you thought of trying quilting?

    Kidding. Okay, first they will call the presiding overseer (or the COPE or whatever they call him nowdays - check your dates though) if he's not in the group of three. Then all the other elders. Then Brooklyn Legal. Then 911.

  • JeffT

    Thanks, if that would be the chain of events my first chapter is going to be a bunch of guys arguing over a dead body while my reader is screaming "call the cops!" A perfect illustration of life as a jw.

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